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Ready Player Oneby Ernest Cline
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Finding Good Books Shouldn't Be a Slog through the Amazon
Frustrated by inconsistencies, and out of spite for big companies eating up the book industry, we decided to do something about it. We set out to talk to readers from all around the world with a simple question: What would your dream book platform look like?That's who we're building Hardcover for!Read more in our manifesto
Read, track, discover, meet new readers and let's change the book industry together for good.

A new home for your books

Whether you have 5 books you want to read or 5,000, they'll be safe with us. Add whatever calls out to you and sort through later.

Growing together

Since we began, Hardcover has been shaped by you - the reader. One of our core values is listening. Hardcover is made by readers, for readers.

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The community is our main support. If you enjoy using Hardcover, help make it sustainable by inviting others or becoming a Supporter.

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Hardcover gives you a score from 0% to 100% based on how likely you are to enjoy each book.

This match percentage is based on every book you've ever read, taking into account what books readers with similar taste enjoy.

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Simplified Book Tracking

Hardcover is designed to be your "book brain". Track every book you might want to read, what you've already read, and what you're currently reading all in one place.

Set your status on a book, rate it, review it, add it to lists, track when you've read it and even track if this was an audiobook all in one place.

This prototype is interactive! Try playing with this demo and see how it works. If you love it or hate it, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Simplified book tracking

Reviews with links for creators

Whether you just finished an amazing book, or you're thinking about an all-time favorite, connecting with other passionate readers can revisit what you loved.

Our threaded discussions* helps you answer questions, remember the good parts, and even discover parts you missed.

* We're still figuring this feature out, but already believe it'll be a big part of Hardcover.

Simplified book tracking

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Simplified book tracking

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We're just beginning

All of our features are inspired by our talks to readers like you. We are busy building a better home for your reading.

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Book Stats!

We are working on the most complex set of book stats, to bring you a complete and exciting picture of your reading.

The team behind Hardcover

We are a distributed startup, building Hardcover from all over the world.  Interested in being part of the team? Join the Discord and say hi!

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