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Find yourlife-changing book

Discover & keep track of books you love, find passionate readers like you and be part of the readers' revolution!

Join 3,000+ readers and snag your @username before it's taken.

Books with match scores

Personalised book recommendations

See a score from 0% to 100% on how likely you are to enjoy a book based on your reading preferences.

Track your books

Keep track of your entire library

Track every book by want to read, currently reading, read and did not finish.


The best Lists in the book game

Become a pro reader with our neatly organised lists. Create, curate, and share with others.

Make book friends

Find new reader friends to follow

See what other readers have on their bookshelves and see what they're reading next.

track books

Keep track of your books like never before.

Hardcover is built to handle all libraries, from the smallest to the most complex. No matter where you are on your reading journey, your library is welcome!

You can track:

  • Your status for every book
  • Progress on your current book(s)
  • Your rating in half-star increments
  • Your review
  • Any number of lists for each book
  • Genres, Moods, Tags and Content Warnings

...and do it publicly, privately or friends only for each book!

Finding Good Books Shouldn't Be a Slog through the Amazon
Frustrated by inconsistencies, and out of spite for big companies eating up the book industry, we decided to do something about it. We set out to talk to readers from all around the world with a simple question: What would your dream book platform look like?That's who we're building Hardcover for!Read more in our manifesto
Read, track, discover, meet new readers and let's change the book industry together for good.

A new home for your books

Whether you have 5 books you want to read or 5,000, they'll be safe with us. Add whatever calls out to you and sort through later.

Growing together

Since we began, Hardcover has been shaped by you - the reader. One of our core values is listening. Hardcover is made by readers, for readers.

Available everywhere

Everyhting you do on Hardcover is stored in the cloud. You can access it from the website, the iOS App or the Android App - with the same functionality on each.

We're just beginning

All of our features are inspired by our talks to readers like you. We are busy building a better home for your reading.

Imports from anywhere

Import every single book you've saved from other platforms (or from manual tracking) directly into Hardcover.

Stay Connected

Keep in touch with your friends by easily being able to see what they're reading and their all-time favorites.

Reach Your Goals

Set yearly reading goals based on the number of books you want to read, pages per year or even book type (book vs graphic novel vs audiobook).

Build better reading habits

Get notified about your reading stats and set notifications to meet your reading goals.

Create your own Lists

Make as many lists as you want, organize your books, never forget books you want to read again.

Follow & Copy other Lists

See when friends add new books to their lists and keep updated by following any lists you want.

Book Stats!

We are working on the most complex set of book stats, to bring you a complete and exciting picture of your reading.

The team behind Hardcover

We are a distributed startup, building Hardcover from all over the world.  Interested in being part of the team? Join the Discord and say hi!

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