Brandon Sanderson
Brandon Sanderson
2020 • 272 pages


Average rating4.4


Dawnshard book 3.5 of the storm light archive. I love this book!!

Dawnshard follows Rysin, a disable character who has lost the use of her legs. She takes a comissiom from the queen to sail to a mysterious island hidden from the world behind a storm that has been raging forever

She is joined by the Lopen and Cord, wind runners to investigate and discover the mystery of these islands. And of course the Dawnshard is part of the mystery as the title suggest.

However the gods who do not sleep will stop at nothing to prevent them from discovering the secret of the islands

All around great read especially if you are a cosmere fan. You can find a more detailed review on my YouTube channel.

I loved getting to know Rysin more as previously only introduced in a interlude from previous books. I feel that Sanderson did a great job portraying the thoughts and feelings of someone from a disabled perspective

Lopen also gets some good character development that I really enjoyed.

Many hints are dropped of things to come “the cosmere is at stake” metals and their effects, allomany maybe? This book is like a trailer for rythim of war

December 11, 2020