Ninth City Burning
2016 • 482 pages


Average rating2.3


NOTE: I got to page 204 before setting the book down. This review will not be based on the entire story

When I originally picked up this book, I was looking for inspiration from other YA authors/books, particularly from the fantasy and sci-fi genres (given that my own book, Element Unknown, is sci-fi/fantasy). I really liked the summary describing a massive war that has been raging for 500 years and how the two main characters, Jax and Naomi, are thrown into the middle of it by their circumstances crossing. I started to read the opening chapters and I found myself really enjoying Naomi and her struggles in survival and meeting the interesting people in her life. Jax was a little bland for my taste and it was hard wanting to care about the goings-on in his life.

As I continued reading and as more characters were introduced, it grew harder and harder to tell them all apart. Despite the chapters being in first person, there didn't seem to be a distinct voice between the characters and they all started to sound the same but with slightly different events/abilities.

The book, also, was a bit of a slow burn. I didn't receive full details about the war going, such as the enemy and the background of the war, until after reading nearly 200 pages. I realize that there is a lot of set up to the world and the history, but it seemed to go a bit slow.

Perhaps one day I will come back and finish the book and, by extension, this review. However, the book was very ‘meh,' interesting enough to get started but not enough to complete.

September 28, 2018