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#19 – Mobile Discussions

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The conversation covers topics such as parenting routines, CrossFit, attending a Smashing Pumpkins concert, the TV show ‘The Bear’, updates on the Hardcover platform, adding a ‘Trending’ section, discussions, and moderation and reporting. The conversation explores various strategies to address moderation and user behavior issues in discussions on the platform. It discusses the librarian problem on Goodreads and the challenges of managing a large number of users who can edit book data. The conversation then delves into pre-moderation techniques such as throttling and post limitations to prevent trolling and spam. It also explores the idea of disabling discussions and implementing quarantine for problematic content. The conversation concludes with a discussion on nested threads and the potential for expanding discussions beyond books to include long-form posts and book blogging.


Establishing a routine can be helpful for parenting.
CrossFit is a popular exercise program that offers a structured workout.
Attending concerts and enjoying music can be a fun way to relax.
The Hardcover platform is undergoing updates and improvements, including the addition of a ‘Trending’ section.
Discussions on Hardcover will focus on book-related topics, and moderation and reporting will be important for maintaining a positive community. Managing user behavior and moderation is crucial for a successful discussion platform.
Pre-moderation techniques like throttling and post limitations can help prevent trolling and spam.
Disabling discussions and implementing quarantine can be effective in dealing with malicious activity.
Nested threads and clean design can enhance the user experience in discussions.


00:00 Introduction and Parenting Routine
01:14 CrossFit and Exercise
04:05 Smashing Pumpkins Concert
05:48 TV Show ‘The Bear’
09:11 Updates on Hardcover
11:12 Adding a ‘Trending’ Section
17:33 Deep Dive into Discussions
22:49 Prototype Feedback and Early Conclusions
24:05 Moderation and Reporting
43:21 Librarian Problem on Goodreads
45:18 Pre-Moderation and Throttling
49:18 Post Limitations and Scoring System
51:09 Disabling Discussions and Quarantine
52:55 Dealing with Malicious Activity
54:50 Controlling Replies and Moderation
56:58 Nested Threads and Clean Design
01:00:11 Long-form Posts and Book Blogging
01:04:43 Expanding Discussions Beyond Books

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