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#39 – Book Discovery

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In this conversation, Adam and Ste discuss personal updates, including playing a new board game and watching the movie Dune. They also share work updates, such as new team members joining and designing new features. The conversation then shifts to implementing a banned users feature and the challenges of book discovery on the platform. They explore ideas for restructuring the navigation and information architecture to support new features. They also discuss lab experiments and prototyping, as well as icon design and color themes for the discovery tools. The conversation focused on making changes to the color palette and accent colors, improving book discovery and browsing, refining the profile dropdown and navigation, discussing the feed and dashboard, and considering mobile navigation and future considerations.


Personal updates and casual conversations can help build rapport and strengthen relationships in a team.
Implementing features like banned users requires considering various aspects, such as API access and data visibility.
Book discovery is a complex challenge that requires thoughtful navigation and information architecture.
Prototyping and experimenting with new features can help gather feedback and improve the user experience. Consider the contrast and compatibility of colors in the design.
Allow users to customize accent colors to suit their preferences.
Create clear sections for book discovery and browsing.
Ensure easy access to important features in the profile dropdown and navigation.
Highlight upcoming features and changes with labels or badges.
Consider the mobile experience and adapt navigation accordingly.


00:00 Introduction and Personal Updates
03:00 Movie Discussions: Dune and Theaters
05:56 Work Updates: New Team Members and Feature Designs
08:05 Implementing Banned Users Feature
11:58 Book Discovery Challenges
12:52 Restructuring Navigation and Information Architecture
15:55 Exploring New Book Discovery Features
22:07 Emphasizing Book Discovery in Navigation
26:02 Icon Design for Discovery Tools
29:58 Color Themes and Accent Colors
33:13 Color Palette and Accent Colors
39:00 Book Discovery and Browsing
42:20 Profile Dropdown and Navigation
49:02 Feed and Dashboard
52:31 Mobile Navigation
59:36 Navigation Changes and Future Considerations

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