8 Podcast Recommendations for Book Lovers

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How great it will be to read all day long, discovering new ideas. But life isn’t fair because we have to cook, work and buy new books.

Luckily, for those moments when we cannot dive into a book, we have podcasts.
From light-hearted conversations, to like talks and interviews with writers, these podcasts are the perfect companions.

The Penguin Podcast

A classic podcast from one of the leaders of the publishing world.
Recent guests include Carlo Rovelli, Sophie Mackintosh, Ian McEwan and more.

Find it here: Acast

On the Road with Penguin Classics

If you like to travel via books, this podcast is for you.
“In each episode, author, and editor Henry Eliot travels to a different literary location to explore a brilliant book in the company of a remarkable reader.”

Listen on: Acast

The Book Review Podcast by New York Times

From Pulitzer winners, essential readings of Neil Gaiman, book bans, to new releases, the Book Review Podcast has it all.

Listen: Apple Podcast

London Review Bookshop Podcast

This podcast features live recordings of the events hosted by the London Review Bookshop.

They cover fiction, music, politics, poetry and more.

Listen: Apple Podcast

You can also check the other podcasts made by the London Review of Books. Close Readings Podcast is a must-listen.

The New Yorker Fiction

Every month, the fiction editor Deborah Treisman and her guests read and discuss a piece of fiction published by the New Yorker.

Listen: Apple Podcast


The hosts, John Mitchinson and Andy Miller, together with a guest discuss books that stood the test of time.

If you are eager to discover classics like Dickens, Giordano Bruno or Kate Chopin, have a listen.

Listen: Apple Podcast

Black Chick Lit

This one is a bi-monthly podcast that discusses books written by, Black women. You’ll discover that the hosts, Dani and Molli are not shy of a good laugh.

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Hey YA

This podcast, created by the Book Riot team, covers everything related to Young Adult, from new releases to hot topics and screen adaptations.

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