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Here’s a growing list of all the policies for various things. If you’re into legal mumbo jumbo, you’ll love these.

Here’s the tl;dr of these:

  • Required cookies: we track your usage on Hardcover using cookies for the following:
    • Your current user session – Required to login and use the site. That’s it!
  • We don’t use Google Analytics to track usage. Instead we use Plausible Analytics. They’re GDPR compliant and don’t store IP or other identifying information or use cookies to track you.
  • We don’t and won’t ever sell your personal data. Someday we might share collective stats (ex: which books are popular), but never with any personal information.
  • A few parts of the site use local storage (a browser feature similar to cookies, but that can only be read client side) to save the following:
    • Airlist settings
    • Bookle scores
    • Theme
    • Redirect Path
    • Referrer (if you clicked on a link, so we can give them credit!)
  • We do not share your email, name, reviews, ratings, or any other data with anyone. All of us working on Hardcover have our own information in there as well, and don’t trust anyone with it. In fact, only Adam (Hardcover’s founder) has access to the production database to even see the your data.
  • You own your data and can delete it at any time.
  • You own your data and it can be exported at any time.
  • If you violate the Code of Conduct, you may quickly be banned without warning.

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