How to Link Hardcover Roles With Discord

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If you’re a supporter of a librarian, then you’ll have access to additional channels in the Hardcover Discord. In order to access those channels, you’ll need to link your Hardcover Account to your Discord account.

Even if you’re not a Hardcover Supporter or Librarian, we have a private channel for verified members! Linking your Hardcover Account to Discord gives you access.

This process is super easy, but with soooo many options and settings in Discord it can be tricky to find.

Step 1: From the “Hardcover Dropdown” (which shows up on the upper left on the desktop app, or by clicking on the Hardcover server icon then clicking “Hardcover >” at the top of the page), you’ll see a button for “Linked Roles”. Click on that.

Step 2: Select which role you’d like to add first. These can be done in any order.

Once you select a role, you’ll see this screen which shows how you earn that role. For the “members” role, the only requirement is that you’ve completed onboarding.

Step 3: Click on the big Hardcover button. That’ll open a web browser

On there you’ll see a consent screen verifying that you want to allow Hardcover to be able to access some basic info about you. This is required so that we can update Discord and let them know your membership status.

When you authorize and you’ll be taken to

Step 3.5: If you’re logged into Hardcover you can skip this step. If not, you’ll be prompted to login to Hardcover. Technically you could create an account here, but since all of the roles require you to already have an account, don’t do that. 😅

Step 4: If everything worked, you’ll see a message in the browser “Your roles have been synced! You can close this window”. You can close that window.

Step 5: Back in Discord you should see a message indicating your account has been connected! It’ll show all the information we pulled in from Hardcover. We’ll pull in when you joined, a few other statuses – as well as the number of books you’ve read.

These stats on Discord will be kept in sync as long as your Discord account is connected.

Step 6: Once you click done, it’ll take you to the final screen to add this role. Click finish to add this role.

Step 7: Doing this once linked your account to Hardcover and added one role. To add more roles, open the Linked Roles menu again. It’ll show which roles you’ve connected and which you haven’t

Luckily the process for adding roles past the first is much easier. Just click on one of these and and it’ll add it (after a few other screens). You won’t need to open the browser again.

How to Remove Discord Integration

If you want to remove this link between your Discord user, open up your user profile. From there, select “Authorized Apps” and find Hardcover. Click “Deauthorize”.

This will remove all metadata about Hardcover stored in Discord. It’ll also remove all linked roles from your account and remove you from any additional channels you have access to.

Change Which Hardcover account a Discord Account is Linked to

Once you link a Hardcover account to a Discord account it’s linked for good at the moment. I’m sure we’ll eventually build tools to remove it, but currently that’s only possible through the API.

In the meantime, if you connect your Discord account to your Hardcover account and then realize you want to connect it to a different Hardcover account, email support (jules at with your Hardcover username letting us know you’d like to remove your Discord connection.

We’ll remove the current one, which will allow you to link Discord to a new Hardcover account.

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