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It’s an exciting day! Today we’re announcing the beta release of Hardcover. What that means is that we think it’s to a point where it’s getting close to being ready for most people to make the switch from Goodreads, but we want to get more feedback from new readers and clean up a few things first.

We’re launching the beta on ProductHunt today.

Please help us out by upvoting Hardcover on ProductHunt. The additional exposure is helpful for us to continue trying to grow. We sincerely appreciate your support.

If you’re not familiar, ProductHunt is a platform for finding and launching new apps, websites, books, and tech creations. It focuses on getting early adopters to try out the products and get their thoughts–good or bad.

That’s exactly what we’re looking for right now on Hardcover: feedback! We want to know what people think about Hardcover today. Does it feel like an alternative to Goodreads that would allow you to switch today? Are there things missing that you’d want? Is there something else that’s preventing you from making the switch?

We’d love to find out! As part of this launch, we also created a new user survey that we send out to new users the day after they sign up. This survey targets your initial impression of Hardcover.

We plan to be around for a while, but first impressions are important. If you have 5 minutes we’d love to get your feedback.

Want Hardcover Stickers?

As part of the beta release, we’re excited to announce our first giveaway! On Discord, you voted for the top stickers and we made them! The three winners were Jules struggling with too many books (honestly: same), Jules with a lantern (searching for books), and Jules riding Pendragon (because sometimes you need help to carry more books).

We’re giving away a pack of all 3 Jules stickers, a Hardcover logo sticker, and a two-sided bookmark to 10 random members of the community as of midnight March 12th PST (next Saturday night/Sunday morning).

To enter, join Hardcover and mark at least 1 book as “Want to Read” to be eligible.

Also, you’ll get 5 additional chances to win for each person who joins Hardcover using your invite code. Invite a few people and your odds of winning go up!

These stickers came out so much better than we expected. I can’t wait to send them out.

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