Leaving Twitter?

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By Adam Fortuna

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Thinking about making the move away from Twitter? We’re a much different social network, but here’s what we’re focused on now and into the future.

If you’re like us on the Hardcover team, you’ve been watching the fall of Twitter in real time. I joked with my wife it was like watching Rome fall – if Rome was 200 times as large and was only a teenager.

One side of social networks that we haven’t explored is some kind of post. It’s the Tweet, Facebook post, TikTok video, or Instagram photo. The core piece of content people create and consume.

We’re not creating Hardcover with that as our main intention. Rather than yet another place to post on, Hardcover is about books. It’s about finding amazing books to read and socializing with other readers.

We’re focused on creating the excitement of a book launch party every time to read a book you’re excited about.

There are many steps to get there, but we’re taking them one by one: book tracking βœ…, profiles βœ…, and social feeds βœ….

Next up? Book stats, mobile apps, and book discussions.

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