19 • 352 pages


Average rating4.2


Well, I kind of knew what I was getting myself into. That doesn't mean I had to enjoy it. I guess I just wanted to figure out why this book is as popular as it is, I still don't. This alternative historical dystopian and the classic book were weird as hell. I didn't even empathize with the MC much, and why he hated BG.. it just felt like he's just different and that's all. Also, why did he suddenly just change? Maybe it's mentioned somewhere, but I don't know, as I skimmed quite a dozen pages with this one. It was just boring. How did someone read this when they were 12, I'm not sure. It's also very adult-y in some matters and I don't suggest this for 12-year-olds at all... I mean as boring as it is, I don't suggest it to anyone. In the beginning, I felt intrigued, but then it just fell down. especially with the introduction of Julia... I'm going now, to read some other books that I hope will enjoy.
Also for anyone curious why I gave this 3 stars... I don't know.

December 24, 2021