A Little Hatred
2019 • 480 pages


Average rating4.4


This book is exactly what you would expect it to be for a book of it's kind, and I'm afraid that this kind of book just isn't really for me.

There are things that it does that are interesting in theory, but I didn't actually enjoy that much in practice. For instance, every single character in this book is a shitty person. Not most characters, every. single. character. Maybe it looks like one character is on a redemption arc? No, they just re-enforced earlier held beliefs now. Maybe this other character will stick to their convictions about not being selfish like the other people of their caste? No, they will be just as terrible when pressed. Again, it was kind of interesting to have the book not fall into established heroic tropes, but at the same time I just kind of found it to be not fun and I didn't really care for any of the characters.

I didn't hate the book. The writing itself is pretty good and often feels cinematic, particularly in a chaotic scene in the middle that feels like a camera sweeping along to follow a new character every few minutes. Early on I struggled to keep the characters straight, especially when I started via audiobook, but when I switched to reading the ebook I was able to slow down a bit and sort things out better.

I could see this series going to interesting places as it continues, but I don't think I will be reading more to find out.

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