2017 • 12 pages


Average rating4.6

Jeff SextonSupporter

Great story, but Sakey shows his liberal mindset in a couple of points.

1) He has a character go across State lines to a gun show to buy a gun and come home with it. That DOES NOT happen in the real world. I know, since I have actually purchased a gun at a gun show in another State.

2) He says there is no debate about the stopping power of a .45 round. A quick Google will show just how wrong that is, and there is no true definitive answer re: “stopping power”.

3) When mentioning bad rich people, he mentions Donald Trump and the liberals' favorite target the Koch Brothers, but fails to mention George Soros or similar bad rich people on the left.

He also squanders a great opportunity to do something truly transcendental and instead leaves us with a solid story that could have been so much more.

December 28, 2017