Bookshops & Bonedust
2023 • 352 pages


Average rating4.4

Tabitha TomalaEarly Adopter

Readers will have a chance to see Viv in her younger years, eager to become a mercenary, yet hindered by a recent injury. Stuck in the small town of Murk, there isn’t much to do aside from wandering the beach or visiting one of a few shops. When Viv comes across a bookstore that has seen better days and a bakery filled with delicious pastries, it will be her first step towards finding new friendships and new possibilities.

The bookshop owner Fern was quite the character. If you’ve read Legends and Lattes, Thimble is the exact opposite of Fern. Even Viv comments on how Rattkin tend to be on the quiet side. But Fern is quite the spitfire with her language and attitude. Her humor and passion for the bookstore will quickly endear readers. And the way she effortlessly entices Viv and others to read is wonderful. It's easy to see how Viv becomes tied to Fern and the bookshop, doing what she can to help save it.

There were many memorable moments between the characters. From Maylee the dwarf baker who gave up adventuring to open her own bakery, to Gallina, the annoying yet helpful gnome. Throughout each of the character interactions, the seeds are planted for Legends and Lattes. Viv begins to picture what life could be like after her time as a mercenary comes to an end. She experiences friendship, first love, and the joy of reading during her path to recovery,

Bookshops and Bonedust is another wonderful cozy adventure. The low tension of Fern on the verge of losing the bookstore, coupled with the looming threat over Murk will hook readers. With an entertaining cast of characters, and just the right amount of low stakes, it is sure to become a favorite.

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