Bookshops & Bonedust
2023 • 352 pages


Average rating4.3


The anti Abercrombie.

I am not the target audience for this book. I love Grimdark, I love grey characters and i love cynical humour.

Bookshops and Bone Dust is none of the above, the characters are good, they do good things and are rewarded for their efforts. Boring right? Wrong! The author executes the story so well that the characters, rather than being sickly sweet, feel like real people who make real decisions. They just choose to be kind to each other.

There are two plots in this book, a low stakes and a higher stakes one. I found myself caring about the low stakes plot and found the higher stakes an unnecessary distraction. I can go to thousands of other fantasy books for life and death situations. I come to this world to spend time with a wonderful bunch of characters being nice to each other in nice places and that is when this book is at its best. Oh and when it describes the cake. Do not read when hungry.

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