Everyone Is Watching

Everyone Is Watching

2024 • 320 pages • 9h 2m


Average rating3.8

Jeff SextonSupporter

Solid Mystery Lacks Real World Punch Of Other Similar Works. At this point, we've all read some variant of some mystery set in and around the world of reality television, right? This is truly a solid tale of its type, so far as it goes, so even if you haven't read one, this is a good one to start with there.

I'm not sure if a certain aspect of the tale was *meant* to be picked up on early or if I (and apparently a few other reviewers) just *did*, but to me if that particular aspect was supposed to be a "twist", it was about as curvy as say the bend in the US coastline from roughly Charleston to roughly Jacksonville - ie, easily seen from orbit without much effort at all.

The thing blatantly missing - or perhaps it was so subtle that even I simply missed it within this text, as other reviewers have said they loved its presence - was the lack of any actual social commentary baked in to the tale of "reality television", as most in this space tend to have to some degree or another. While I'm glad there was no heavy handed preaching on the subject - no matter the view the author was trying to convey - I do wish that there had been *some*, or perhaps, again, at least some that was more obvious and memorable.

Outside of those two aspects though, this really was a fun and solid mystery of its type, maybe not quite as hard hitting as some of Gudenkauf's previous works, but that is also ok - sometimes both the writer and the reader need a chance to simply enjoy a tale without having to think too hard or without having emotional strings pulled too heart or without too much strain on the heart re: pulse and blood pressure. Not to say that this tale is bland, it absolutely is not. It just isn't *as* intensive as Gudenkauf's prior books - akin to an "easy" 5K at half of your normal running pace while training for a half marathon. You're still getting a good workout, it simply isn't anywhere near the intensity that could hurt you. :D

Overall an enjoyable work and a solid one given its premise. Very much recommended.

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