Final Girls

Final Girls

2017 • 354 pages


Average rating3.5


Personally, I really enjoyed this book. Though that may have something to do with the baking the main character does. Give me all the cake... I enjoyed it more than a certain other book with a similar concept. I appreciated that dual timeline didn't have some weird twist where the narrator is outright lying or its someone else. That being said, I can definitely see why it wasn't the right book for some people. The pacing was occasionally odd the main character doesn't take enough responsibility for her present day actions. The whole secret drawer thing, where she never feels bad about stealing someone's cellphone rubbed me the wrong way. Similarly, she constantly blames her mother for her drug problems even though she hasn't lived with her mother for years. In addition, while I enjoyed the lead up to the ending I'm not sure it stuck the landing. It felt like the author wanted as many twists as possible, which meant the final twist didn't feel as genuine.
Tl;DR: I enjoyed the prose but the pacing means you might not feel as invested at the midpoint. The finale is good, but the final final scene just doesn't get 5/5 from me.

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