Good Girl, Bad Blood
2022 • 417 pages


Average rating4.2


“Good Girl, Bad Blood” by Holly Jackson delivers a gut-wrenching ending that left me reeling and heartbroken. The last few chapters were an emotional rollercoaster, and finding words to describe the impact feels nearly impossible. The unexpected turn at the conclusion took me by surprise, defying all initial expectations.

The character development, especially regarding Stanley Forbes, was masterfully executed. Jackson skillfully made me feel for his character within just a few pages, transforming my indifference into genuine emotional investment. His death, difficult to read, left a lasting impact, and I secretly hoped for a miraculous survival that never came to pass.

The evolution of Holly Jackson's writing in this sequel impressed me, and the anticipation for the third book is palpable. While the ending was a bitter pill to swallow, it speaks to the author's ability to evoke deep emotions. A break from the intense feelings might be necessary, but the prospect of what the next installment holds is equally compelling.

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