Iron Widow
2021 • 394 pages


Average rating3.9


This book was such a great premise. As soon as I started it, I loved the whole world and it gave me major Pacific Rim vibes which is fantastic since it is one of my favorite movies. I love when books jump right into the action and introduce the story and characters with a fast pace.

- Amazing premise with fantastic imagery and strong world-building
- Unique storytelling and perspective
- Great diversity and inclusion in the story that is completely natural and works so well
- Strong female characters that do not put up with anyone treating them as less.

- Mediocre middle and a story that lags as you go. This book started with so much potential that just completely fizzled out by about 1/2 through

I think this book will be perfect for a lot of people who want a unique world and action-packed plot. But for me the pacing had issues and my enjoyment decreased as I read the story. It started off so well but quickly fizzled out.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the eARC