It Takes Two to Tumble
Cat Sebastian
Cat Sebastian
2017 • 304 pages


Average rating3.4


This isn't as memorable as some other Regency romances I've read this year but the two mains are charming in their own way. It has the typical trope of dead/mangled women in order to establish the romance which I could have done without. How Captain Dacre sees Ben (sunny disposition, always smiling) isn't really what we see when reading from Ben's POV so the disconnect there was a little odd. Almost all the drama is internal with whole paragraphs of dialogue being seperated by internal thoughts so it was a lot of “JUST TELL HIM THAT.” thoughts, but I feel like that's a common trope in M/M romances. The dyslexia seemed like something just thrown in as it doesn't really create much conflict; it was probably supposed to give Dacre some vulnerability but it obviously didn't affect his career that much and just gave him one more thing to hide from the world and something to relate to with one of his kids.
Overall, I'll try to continue with this series but Sebastian didn't make her way into my favourite MM authors with this one book.

December 18, 2020