2013 • 513 pages


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Only Mira Grant could write a scientifically accurate, character driven horror book that leaves you wishing the next book in the series was out. Parasite is a wonderful what-if book of the future where designer drugs that make many illnesses a thing of the past. Whereas, you'd be thinking this was a prelude to a zombie novel, you're wrong. Very wrong. The hint of what's to come lies in the novel's title.

At its core, Parasite, is the story about survival and the pitfalls of designer drugs. Sally, our protagonist, survived a fatal car accident, mostly due to a new drug manufactured by SymboGen. Six years later and Sal is owned by the company, for testing. They want to know how their product helped her survive. Of course, this being a horror book, things in this world, go horribly wrong and Sal finds herself at the core of a new global threat.

Grant writes wonderful worlds that are built as much as one can on reality. She has done her home work to make the designer drug featured in Parasite as real as she can. The results of the book are amazing and one heck of a fun ride. The characters, are very much alive and each has their own personality. The way the book cliff-hangs just begs the readers in wanting more faster.

I really enjoyed this book. In fact, I read it straight through and could not put it down because I wanted to know what happened next. I recommend this book for all of Mira Grant's fans, and those who want to delve into a horror series that isn't as gory as most of the books can be.

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