2005 • 226 pages


Average rating4


This is the first light novel (Japanese translated short novel with some illustrations) I've read. I usually don't enjoy translated books because the language can seem stilted or oversimplified, and found that that remains true. However, the plot of “S” kept me interested.
This follows a young police detective working undercover in order to apprehend gun and drug smugglers in Japan. Each undercover agent in his unit has an informant that they're responsible for, called an “S” (for “spy”). I thought that choice was weird because S is used in a lot of BL to refer to sadists (as in S&M) so it made me smirk the first couple of times Andou is referred to as an S in this book.
Overall, this read like a typical m/m fanfiction with a lot of overly-dramatic scenes and dialogue and some ridiculous sex scenes, but I enjoyed it enough to continue the series.

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