2013 • 400 pages


Average rating4.1


There's this hype about Brandon Sanderson that I haven't been able to escape. And, unable to get myself a copy of the Mistborn trilogy, I decided to read Steelheart to know what the fuss is about.

For the first good chunk of this book, Steelheart wasn't anything special to me. My favorite book, Vicious, has superheros gone evil and, to me, nothing will ever compare to Vicious, so Brandon Sanderson's take in it wasn't going to be anything special.

There were things I was enjoying though. I truly loved many of the characters and the overall plot. I think my favorite thing was David's inability to tell a good metaphor.

Them the ending happened, and now I understand the hype of Brandon Sanderson. I'm usually good at picking up hints throughout books and predicting the supposedly non obvious plots. This book was not the case. The ending truly had be surprised, even though Sanderson practically told you what was going to happen multiple times throughout the novel.

March 11, 2016