The Lord of the Rings
1954 • 1,209 pages


Average rating4.6


So I watched the movies ages ago and loved them, but despite having had the books for ages (years!) I'd never got round to reading them!

I finally have, although when I say ‘read' I mean I've listened to the audiobooks (saying that, having the books myself, I did follow along in the books). They were narrated by Rob Inglis and they were soooo good!

Listening to all three books from start to finish took me ten days. I'm not sure how long it would've taken if I'd read them by myself (a lot longer than that, is my guess!).

I think alot of the enjoyment of listening to it came from Rob adapting his voice to all the different characters! He did such a brilliant job of that. Well, that and bringing the story to life!

I'm sure I would have enjoyed reading on my own, but hearing the narration was a 100% better with the voiceovers!

Another reason for enjoying listening to the books was because it meant hearing the correct pronounciations of characters, places, etc.

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