The Shadow of the Gods
2021 • 528 pages


Average rating4.1


Firstly, the cover of this book has to be the single best fantasy cover I have ever seen. I really want to get a print version of it! If you judge a book by a cover this one would be one of the greatest! Does the book live up to the cover? For the most part it does a pretty good job.

This is a Norse inspired epic fantasy. We find ourselves following 3 different characters - a retired warrior, an escaped slave and warrior trying to make her name for herself. Through them we explore the world Gwynne has created, where the remains of gods lie where they fell after an epic godswar. A lot of Norse words and titles have been worked into story giving it a very strong nordic flavor. As someone who lives in Norway and speaks some Norwegian it was interesting to pick up on some of these, although some have been utilized better than others (some names do sound a little bit strange when read with a knowledge of what they actually mean!)

The prose itself is very readable, the characters engaging and the story epic. I really look forward to the next book!

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