The Tombs of Atuan
1970 • 196 pages


Average rating4


i could NOT put this book down. really incredible story about redemption and darkness and freedom and light. tenar is a different protagonist to ged, but in some ways they're still alike. i love the way ursula puts it in her author's notes:

“The dark side of the world was what she had to learn, as Ged had to learn the darkness in his own heart. [...] Each has to ask for the other's help and learn to trust and depend on the other. A large lesson, a new knowledge for both these strong, willful, lonely souls.”

“A girl who could not seek power, as young Ged could, or find training in the use of it as he did, but who had power forced upon her. A girl whose name was not given to her by a kind teacher, but taken from her by a masked executioner.
The boy Ged, offered wisdom, refused it through his own pride and willfulness; the girl Tenar, given the arbitary power of a goddess, was taught nothing about living her life as a human being.”

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