The year of pleasures

The year of pleasures


Average rating3.5


I'm not going to lie: This book may have spoken to me because the events in the character's life very much reflect a lot of the things going on in my own...But then again, it is quite possible that the themes throughout are universal and speak to everyone no matter what point in their lives!

My opinion leans toward the latter: That anybody, at any stage in their life may appreciate the messages of hope, disappointment, uncertainty, frailty of life, friendship, comfort, discomfort...

Elizabeth Berg has an extremely fluid yet substantial way of writing that made this book a very quick and satisfying read. I appreciate the preciseness of her words and the very real descriptions of the thoughts, emotions, and people in the life of a woman who has lost some direction.

For those of you who are looking for someone to empathize with, tragic life events (and the emotions that come with them) to mirror your own, solace and hope in a story of friendship and hope, Berg will give you a graceful, yet real and honest, text you can absorb in a weekend. This will be a compact, compassionate, and evocative book that I highly recommend!

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