This is How You Lose the Time War

This is How You Lose the Time War

2019 • 208 pages


Average rating3.9


I feel like there aren't words I could use to describe my feelings towards this book, so I will list my favorite quotes, the ones that hooked me, that broke me, that build me back up, and the ones I hope will stay with me.

“Red likes to feel, it's a fetish. Now, she feels fear”
“You invigored your Shift's war effort and, in so doing, invigorated me”
“Tell me something true, or tell me nothing at all”
“I wanted to be seen. The need dug into the heart of me”
“Ask the pilgrims how the labyrinth came to be, and they offer answers varied as their sins”
“And this letter is a knife at my neck, if cutting's what you want”
“You are yourself, and so remain, as I remain”
“I could have swallowed this valley whole and still not have sated my hunger for the thought”
“But I am a songbird running out of air, and I must breathe”
“Maybe I've over-read the simple word with which you close your letter (but I can never over-read you, and the word you chose is not simple)”
“Wha will I do sky? Bluebird, iris, ultramarine, how can there be more when this is done”

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