You Should Be So Lucky

You Should Be So Lucky



Average rating3.9


This is a disgustingly sweet story of a man who wants to be free to love and be loved, and when he gets it, is equal parts appalled and pleased. Mostly apalled.

Mark spends half the book annoyed to be falling in love, and the other half annoyed that Eddie loves him back, in precisely the way he's always wanted. It's too funny.

Friendship with kissing. Mhmm. Right.

💀'maneuvered into exclusivity' is objectively funny because you can't be unless you want to be. So Mark's not fooling anyone.

From 'You're better off avoiding me so people don't suspect you' to 'Eddie, I will go literally anywhere you go.' A love story.

"I’m telling you, Eddie, when you look at me, it’s obvious."

Awwwww. I love this for Mark because much as he loved William, he clearly hated being hidden and having to be careful all the time, and with Eddie, that's not even a possibility because he's so obvious 😂

“‘I don’t talk to him about baseball,’” Ardolino says, obviously imitating Eddie.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Eddie, Eddie, Eddie. I want this man to have a smidgen of self preservation.

There’s a harrowing moment at the end of the meal when Eddie looks like he’s about to cover Mark’s portion of the bill.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂It's too funny that Mark lives in constant terror of Eddie showing how into him he is in public.

“Sometimes when Andy’s late, I convince myself that somebody realized about us and decided to take it out on him.”-Nick(being categorically unhelpful)

Okay, so. Recalibrating. Nick's not the guy you go to for a pep talk.

“What if there are rumors—like, outside baseball? Public knowledge. In the newspaper. Do we have a plan?”

“I will chloroform you and take you someplace safe,”


Also, an overarching sadness that permeates through this entire book.

'Secrecy is part of being queer, something he’s known for as long as he’s known that word.'

Which, I mean, is sort of what this whole book is. Which most historical queer romances are. There's never a broad HEA, just maybe an 'As Happy as Feasible, Considering...'