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#1 – Designing the Book Button

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In this conversation, Adam and Ste discuss their experiences at Sundance, their Oscars party, and their New Year’s resolutions. They also talk about their habits and opinions on social media and news consumption. They discuss the challenges of gathering feedback from users and making decisions based on contradictory opinions. They also discuss the design of the book button drawer and the placement of the remove button. They consider the possibility of adding a book ownership feature and discuss the transition for the more like this feature and the writing a review process. In this conversation, Adam and Ste discuss various aspects of the review feature they are building. They explore different approaches to structuring the review process, including using tabs or steps. They also discuss auto-saving and publishing reviews, as well as the terminology of ‘save’ vs ‘publish’. The conversation delves into the design of the review interface, including the use of borders and icons for genres and moods. They also consider the inclusion of tags, genres, and moods in the review process, and how to differentiate them in the user interface. Finally, they discuss the choice of an ebook icon and future considerations for the feature.


Consider user preferences when designing the review process
Auto-saving and publishing reviews can improve user experience
Use clear terminology, such as ‘publish’ instead of ‘save’
Design the review interface with borders and icons for clarity and structure
Include tags, genres, and moods in the review process, and differentiate them in the user interface
Choose an ebook icon that represents a general concept of an ebook


00:00 Introduction and Sundance experience
01:08 Oscars party and predictions
02:13 New Year’s resolutions
03:03 January and the start of the year
04:03 Social media and news consumption
05:21 Different perspectives on Mastodon
06:13 Interviews with early users
07:07 Different habits and opinions on book tracking
08:09 Contradictory feedback and decision-making
09:15 Book ownership and library organization
10:41 Designing the book button drawer
18:17 Adding books to lists and removing books
22:30 Size and position of the remove button
23:48 Implementing the book button drawer
29:31 Transition for more like this feature
34:02 Removing the more like this feature
36:23 Transition for writing a review
41:22 Approaching the Dilemma
42:20 User Preferences
43:09 Tabs vs Steps
44:18 Auto-Saving and Publishing
47:55 Save vs Publish
49:12 Auto-Saving to Local Storage
50:14 Review Interface Design
52:00 Separate Steps for Review
53:29 Tags, Genres, and Moods
56:42 Custom Icons for Genres and Moods
59:36 Combining Genres and Moods in Dropdown
01:01:22 Choosing an Ebook Icon
01:03:34 Future Considerations

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