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#10 – What Does it Mean to be a Book Influencer?

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Adam & Ste discuss weekly planning and cherry blossoms.

Main focus: What does it mean to be a book influencer?


In this conversation, Adam and Ste discuss how to support influencers on Hardcover and incorporate content from platforms like TikTok, Bookstagram, and Booktube. They explore the idea of embedding media URLs in book reviews and the potential benefits for influencers. They also discuss the challenge of balancing external popularity with internal feedback when ranking content. Additionally, they consider the possibility of allowing comments and discussions on reviews and activities, and how this could enhance the reader experience on Hardcover. In this conversation, Ste and Adam discuss various features and improvements for the Hardcover platform. They explore the importance of enhancing book recommendations and reader engagement, including the ability to tag books and authors. They also discuss the challenges of maintaining reading habits and forming reading taste. The concept of creating discussions based on book progress is introduced, allowing readers to engage with others at specific points in a book. The implementation of discussions for supporters is considered, as well as the testing of engagement in discussions. The design of a seamless comment platform and future plans for Hardcover are also discussed, including the development of the book page and upcoming features such as uploading covers and managing editions.


Consider ways to support influencers on Hardcover, such as embedding media URLs in book reviews.
Explore the integration of content from platforms like TikTok, Bookstagram, and Booktube to showcase user-generated content and engage with readers.
Balance external popularity with internal feedback when ranking content to ensure quality and relevance.
Enable comments and discussions on reviews and activities to foster engagement and community among readers. Enhancing book recommendations and reader engagement is a key focus for Hardcover.
Challenges in maintaining reading habits may be influenced by changes in reading taste and distractions.
Discussions based on book progress can provide a valuable platform for readers to engage with each other.
Implementing discussions for supporters and testing engagement can help refine the feature.
The development of a seamless comment platform and the book page design are exciting prospects for Hardcover.
Upcoming features include the ability to upload covers and manage editions, addressing issues with multiple editions.


00:00 Introduction and Personal Updates
04:11 Supporting Influencers on Hardcover
07:48 Incorporating TikTok, Bookstagram, and Booktube Content
12:32 Leveraging External Popularity vs. Internal Feedback
18:59 Embedding Media URLs and Attracting Influencers
25:19 Exploring Additional Content and Discussions
31:17 Designing the Book Page with Embedded Media
36:20 Badges for Genre Preferences
39:33 Integrating Comments and Discussions
49:18 Enhancing Book Recommendations and Reader Engagement
50:41 Challenges in Maintaining Reading Habits
51:09 Forming Reading Taste through Book Discussions
52:08 Creating Discussions Based on Book Progress
53:36 Implementing Discussions for Supporters
54:35 Testing Engagement in Discussions
55:13 Designing a Seamless Comment Platform
56:07 Creating Discussions within Existing Conversations
56:26 Future Plans for Hardcover
57:23 Excitement for the Book Page Design
57:52 Progress on Book Page Development
58:11 Backend Work for Book Page Features
59:05 Upcoming Features: Uploading Covers and Managing Editions
01:00:35 Solving the Issue of Multiple Editions

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