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#13 – OpenGraph Images

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Adam & Ste catch up on driving in the UK vs the US and designing a librarian system.

This weeks main focus: improving OpenGraph images across the site.


In this conversation, Adam and Ste discuss various topics including driving lessons, updates on Hardcover, the ability to edit editions and books, SEO and speed improvements, Open Graph images, sharing normal pages, sharing list pages, and additional data for book pages. In this conversation, Ste and Adam discuss various design layouts for different pages on Hardcover. They start by discussing the book layout design, considering different ways to display books on a shelf. They then move on to the split design for accessibility, which allows for visual elements on one side and information on the other. They also discuss the layout for the reader and library pages, as well as the author page. They explore options for displaying author information, including the author’s picture, bio, and top books. They also discuss the prompts page and the possibility of showing prompts related to a book. Overall, they make progress in designing various pages on Hardcover.


Hardcover has made updates to improve the user experience, including the ability to edit editions and books.
SEO and speed improvements have been implemented to enhance the performance of Hardcover.
Open Graph images have been introduced to provide a preview of shared links, allowing users to customize the image and display relevant information.
Sharing normal pages and list pages on Hardcover can be done with customized images and referral links.
Additional data, such as followers and bookmarks, can be included in book pages to provide more context and engagement. Consider different layout options for displaying books, such as a shelf-like design.
Use a split design for accessibility, with visual elements on one side and information on the other.
Reuse layouts to create consistency and predictability for users.
Explore options for displaying author information, including their picture, bio, and top books.


00:00 Introduction and Catching Up
01:22 Driving Lessons and Updates
03:11 Living in a Pedestrian-Friendly Area
04:41 Updates on Hardcover
05:59 Ability to Edit Editions and Books
06:37 SEO and Speed Improvements for Hardcover
15:38 Open Graph Images
38:22 Sharing Normal Pages
43:45 Sharing List Pages
45:36 Additional Data for Book Pages
46:13 Book Layout Design
48:05 Split Design for Accessibility
49:22 Layout for Reader and Library
50:19 Author Page Layout
53:02 Avatar and Follow CTA
55:00 Curated by or Created by
55:41 Reuse of Layouts
55:57 Author OGMage
56:23 Author Page and Book Page
59:03 Prompts Page
01:04:16 Additional Pages
01:12:46 Wrap-up

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