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#17 – Groups of Books

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Adam and Ste catch up and prototype how groups of books could show across Hardcover.


The conversation covers various topics including weather, working in coffee shops, remote work, challenges of remote mentoring, and improving the book page. They discuss the layout and design of book covers in a series, as well as showing prompts for a book. They also consider the option of using uniform height for book covers and discuss different ways to display books in a list.


Working from home requires discipline and planning ahead to stay productive.
The layout and design of book covers in a series can be improved to provide a better user experience.
Showing prompts for a book and displaying books in a list can enhance the user’s engagement with the platform.
Consider using uniform height for book covers to create a more visually appealing layout.


00:00 Introduction and Weather Talk
01:45 Activities and Coffee Shops
05:20 Working in Coffee Shops
08:35 Working from Home vs. Office
11:57 Challenges of Remote Mentoring
13:15 Improving the Book Page
21:14 Showing Books in a Series
23:50 Showing Prompts for a Book
32:27 Uniform Height for Book Covers
35:41 Displaying Books in a List

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