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#20 – Discussion Types (Polls, Quotes, Images, etc)

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The conversation covers personal updates, sinus surgery, using Chat GPT for medical diagnosis, the release of new features on Hardcover, positive feedback on the updates, planning and designing the discussions feature, exploring different post types for discussions, and balancing structured and open discussions. The chapters delve into each topic, providing insights and ideas for the development of the platform. The conversation explores different options for discussions, including the format, content creation, and customization of the editor. The idea of using tags for discussions and filtering options is discussed. The handling of links and references is considered, along with the opportunity to improve data organization. Sorting and filtering options for discussions are explored, as well as the addition of book location to discussions. Visual differentiation for discussions and showing mentions in discussion listings are also discussed. In this conversation, Ste and Adam discuss various design elements and features for their discussion board platform. They explore the user interface design, including the layout and visual elements. They also discuss the possibility of adding quote features and generating images for the best quotes. Additionally, they consider how to incorporate links into posts and compare their design to existing platforms like Reddit. They conclude the conversation by reflecting on the progress they have made and discussing future plans, including allowing authors to claim their books and participate in discussions.


Hardcover’s recent updates have received positive feedback and improved the user experience.
Using Chat GPT for medical diagnosis can be a helpful tool in identifying rare conditions.
The discussions feature on Hardcover is being planned and designed to balance structured and open conversations.
Different post types, such as quotes, links, and reviews, will allow users to engage in various types of discussions.
The editor for discussions will provide options for formatting and linking to books, series, and characters. Designing the user interface involves considering layout, visual elements, and overall user experience.
Quote features can enhance the discussion board platform by highlighting and generating images for the best quotes.
Incorporating links into posts can provide additional context and resources for users.
Continual progress and future plans, such as allowing authors to claim their books, contribute to the growth and success of the platform.


00:00 Introduction and Personal Updates
02:21 Discussion about Sinus Surgery
04:16 Using Chat GPT for Medical Diagnosis
08:05 Release of New Features on Hardcover
17:26 Positive Feedback on Hardcover’s Updates
19:09 Planning and Designing Discussions Feature
27:15 Exploring Different Post Types for Discussions
35:36 Balancing Structured and Open Discussions
41:56 Creating Different Post Types in the Editor
47:22 Exploring Different Discussion Options
51:18 Simplifying the Discussion Format
55:26 Flexible Content Creation
59:00 Customizing the Editor
01:03:58 Discussion Tags and Filtering
01:09:02 Handling Links and References
01:11:07 Discussion Sorting and Organization
01:15:42 Opportunity to Improve Data Organization
01:19:30 Sorting and Filtering Options
01:22:21 Adding Book Location to Discussions
01:26:18 Visual Differentiation for Discussions
01:30:10 Showing Mentions in Discussion Listings
01:31:39 Designing the User Interface
01:33:06 Exploring Quote Features
01:35:03 Adding Links to Posts
01:38:35 Making Progress and Future Plans

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