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#24 – ProductHunt Launch & Homepage Redesign

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The conversation covers updates on personal life, language learning, attending a comic book convention, and analyzing movie relationships. They discuss the planning and updates for the hardcover launch, including homepage changes and the inclusion of match percentage and featured prompts. The importance of trust and data export is addressed, along with the potential for embedding hardcover components on external platforms. The chapter concludes with plans for implementing discussions and linked roles on Discord. The conversation explores the possibility of integrating Discord with the book tracking platform. It discusses the potential for displaying users’ currently reading, watching, or playing status on Discord and the technical aspects of implementing this feature. The conversation also touches on the difference between real-time discussions on Discord and permanent discussions on the book tracking platform. The importance of having a book point of reference is highlighted as a pivotal aspect of book discussions. The conversation concludes with a casual discussion about Japanese treat boxes and different flavors of KitKat bars.


The hardcover homepage should provide a clear and concise description of the platform’s features and mission.
Addressing trust issues and providing data export options can help alleviate hesitancy from users.
Embeddable components and discussions can enhance user engagement and facilitate connections between readers.
Regular updates and improvements to the homepage are necessary to ensure a coherent and compelling presentation of the platform.


00:00 Introduction and Product Hunt launch
01:24 Personal updates and language learning
03:06 Discussion on learning Japanese and WaniKani
05:42 Attending FANIX comic book convention
06:46 Cinema Therapy and analyzing movie relationships
07:53 Planning for the hardcover launch
08:16 Homepage updates for the launch
09:31 Importing libraries and hardcover’s mission
11:23 Booksmart headline and core features
12:25 Trending books and timeframes
14:23 Importing libraries and Goodreads comparison
16:40 Supporter section and blog posts
17:45 Booko and AskJewels tools
19:47 Top genres and library numbers
20:29 Call to action and newsletter subscription
22:27 Adding a section on match percentage
23:34 Adding featured prompts section
25:17 Addressing trust issues and data export
27:23 Scheduling links on the about page
29:10 Importance of homepage optimization
31:51 Chat support and transparency
36:05 Syncing library with external platforms
37:14 Building trust and addressing hesitancy
42:26 Embeddable widgets and discussions
45:46 Adding embeddable components
48:06 Implementing discussions and linked roles
49:51 Integration with Discord
52:04 Real-time vs. Permanent Discussions
53:30 The Importance of Book Point of Reference
53:42 Wrap-up


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