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#26 – Book Discussion Filtering, Sorting and Creation

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The conversation covers fall activities, hiking in Salt Lake City, playing Baldur’s Gate 3, updates on the discussions feature, privacy settings, sorting and filtering options, and improving the filter icon. The conversation covers various topics related to the design and functionality of a book discussion platform. They discuss using SVGs, exploring fun elements to show, prioritizing post types and tags, arranging the layout of posts, adding book updates and mentions, sorting posts by priority, refining the design of post cards, removing the ‘read the book’ feature, discussing the purpose of post updates, choosing the format for book progress, considering different formats and options, brainstorming different ways to display progress, exploring different UI options for progress, focusing on the discussion progress, choosing between listening and reading progress, considering different labels for progress, exploring toggle options for progress, discussing the design of the progress toggle, finalizing the design for the progress toggle, and wrapping up the discussion.


Fall activities like hiking and enjoying the changing colors of the leaves are popular.
Salt Lake City offers beautiful hiking trails with different levels of difficulty.
Baldur’s Gate 3 is a highly rated game with impressive character customization.
The discussions feature is being developed with options for privacy settings, sorting, and filtering. Using SVGs can be a quick and efficient way to design elements.
Prioritizing post types and tags can help organize discussions.
The design of post cards should be visually appealing and informative.
Book progress can be displayed in different formats depending on the user’s preference.
The progress toggle should be intuitive and easy to use.


00:00 Introduction and Fall Activities
03:30 Hiking in Salt Lake City
08:00 Playing Baldur’s Gate 3
12:45 Updates on Discussions Feature
14:34 Privacy Settings for Discussions
17:08 Sorting and Filtering Options
32:03 Improving Filter Icon
44:10 Discussion about using SVGs
45:01 Exploring fun elements to show
46:07 Prioritizing post types and tags
47:24 Arranging the layout of posts
48:41 Adding book updates and mentions
50:57 Sorting posts by priority
51:12 Refining the design of post cards
51:19 Removing the ‘read the book’ feature
52:08 Discussing the purpose of post updates
53:05 Choosing the format for book progress
54:23 Considering different formats and options
55:38 Brainstorming different ways to display progress
58:17 Exploring different UI options for progress
59:23 Focusing on the discussion progress
01:01:41 Choosing between listening and reading progress
01:03:12 Considering different labels for progress
01:06:31 Exploring toggle options for progress
01:08:04 Discussing the design of the progress toggle
01:09:20 Finalizing the design for the progress toggle
01:10:50 Wrapping up the discussion


Adam (00:01.188)
Hey, hey, stay. How’s it going?

Ste (00:03.693)
Hiya! Pretty good, enjoying a nice London evening as usual. How about you?

Adam (00:12.088)
Yeah, just it’s finally kind of starting to change from summer to fall here. So we’re planning on going, like going on some hikes, seeing some fall colors and things like that. So that’ll be nice.

Ste (00:24.181)
Mmm, nice. Yeah, yeah, the trees have begun to like, lose their leaves over here as well. There’s a, there’s a nice park, um, in the back of a church right next to me. And they have this huge ginkgo trees, you know, the

leaf and I think in November they all go very yellow and they make like carpet of yellow leaves underneath so yeah looking forward to that yeah you got like places that are like very good to visit in autumn like hikes and that stuff

Adam (00:56.374)

Adam (01:09.542)
Yeah, it’s, it’s kind of one thing that’s really neat about Salt Lake is that there’s like a series of canyons up the mountains where like, you know, the rivers are flowing down and so there’s like a canyon that was built up. And as the canyons get lower and lower in elevation, uh, that changes like when the leaves change. So like one canyon will be ready and like, and it’s like prime.

state one week and then the next week it’ll be the next canyon and then the next week it’ll be the next canyon. So even if you miss one or two of them you can like you can kind of zone in on like where in the fall season it is based on like which canyons currently uh like at peak uh fall colors.

Ste (01:54.861)
Yeah, that sounds amazing. Yeah, I love, you know, when you have this kind of like, I don’t know if it’s like temperate Or however you call it It’s not like fir trees and that kind of stuff because there are mountains only with fir trees and those are green all the time but I love, you know when there’s that like separation and if you have like separation depending on You know what time in fall is yeah that sounds

I’ve been looking at pictures of the hike since old 8 and they look amazing. I mean, they’re like, wow.

Adam (02:30.555)
Yeah, there, there are a couple of that, like are some of my favorites. The only problem is like some of the, some of our favorite ones are some of the hardest ones to get to too. So it’s like, uh, might be up for driving like two hours or something just to get to them.

Ste (02:46.077)
Okay, yeah, that’s a lot. I was about to ask like how far are they but yeah, two hours is quite a lot. But I mean, well, if you think about it, yeah, I don’t have any mountains in the UK so usually people over here have to go to France for that so…

Adam (02:53.48)

Adam (03:06.178)
Yeah, same. I mean, I grew up in Florida and Florida’s high point is I think like a hundred meters above sea level. It’s it would make like, uh, author author’s seat in, uh, Edinburgh look like a mountain.

Ste (03:20.709)
Yeah, exactly. Yeah, and that’s not the mountain either. So nice.

Adam (03:26.454)
Well, aside from that, what have you been up to this week for fun?

Ste (03:30.773)
Well, not much. I visited Borough again. It’s very nice to visit in Forl and had a bunch of those huge oysters and there’s a place that does those boughs, you know, the buns, the steamed buns with a bunch of stuff in them. So we went with the baby over there and had the straw and got some of those and we had my wife’s parents visiting. So, you know.

Adam (03:47.605)

Ste (04:00.789)
kind of relieved a bit of our parental duties, which was pretty, pretty good. So yeah, other than that, yeah, just sitting around the house. Yeah.

Adam (04:09.15)
Nice. Do.

Adam (04:15.368)
Do you like mushrooms?

Ste (04:18.181)
uh to eat or like the concept of mushrooms

Adam (04:23.128)
Um, mostly to eat like some butter, salt, like that kind of thing. Cause that, that was one of the things that stood out the last time we were at Borough Market, like one of the mushroom vendors, it just like, it’s basically just mushrooms, butter and salt. And I was like, okay, this is delicious.

Ste (04:27.113)
Oh yeah, I love mushrooms, yeah.

Ste (04:43.017)
Okay, I haven’t seen the mushrooms actually. Okay, you’ve given me like a mission. Is it, was it, maybe it was like inside the market because when we go there, it’s so crowded that it’s packed and we were with the stroller, it’s hard to get around. So the places I told you about are kind of like on the edges, if this was inside the, there’s so much stuff that’s opened there lately as well. So.

Adam (04:56.407)

Adam (05:09.57)
Really? Nice.

Ste (05:10.521)
Yeah, but yeah, I gotta go find the mushrooms. Yeah, I really like mushrooms.

Adam (05:17.198)

Ste (05:18.085)
the concept of mushrooms as well. They’re kind of scary though, I mean.

Adam (05:23.594)
Yeah, I’ve never, I’ve never like picked mushrooms. Like that, that’s where I draw the line between like safe and I will trust an expert who knows mushrooms and buy them from a store. Like, yeah, I don’t, I don’t need that level of risk.

Ste (05:34.277)

Ste (05:38.637)
Uh huh, yeah, me neither, I mean, yeah, those are dangerous. I mean, yeah, they’re kind of alien as well. I saw that mushroom documentary on Netflix and, uh, yeah, pretty, pretty scary stuff. I mean, I don’t know what’s up with them, but yeah.

Adam (05:56.75)
There’s a, is a good documentary on, um, that was at Sundance like a year or two ago called truffle hunters, and it’s really about like these groups of, or individual, mostly men in Italy who like have their dogs and they just like go hiking in the outskirts and their secret spots in Italy and hunting truffles and the whole like underground process that these truffles get from these like.

old guys wandering the woods to five star restaurants.

Ste (06:31.269)
Wow, okay, I’ll have to check that out because it sounds amazing. Old Italian guys searching for truffles. I heard those are pretty expensive. One of them sold for like two million or something at some point. It was like a huge truffle. I think it was like the biggest truffle ever, but yeah. Oh, and they didn’t sell it. They actually ate it. I think they ate it.

Adam (06:44.034)
Jeez, wow.

Adam (06:57.838)

Ste (06:58.081)
Yeah, Italian tradition, I guess. Yeah. How about you? What have you been up to?

Adam (07:05.522)
Um, we, uh, my wife and I started playing the new, uh, Baldur’s Gate three game, which has been fun. Uh, I’ve never played a Baldur’s Gate game. Um, I’ve only played like a couple of games of D and D with friends, but it, it feels like D and D online or D and D as like a local campaign that you can do without any online component in a very like

I don’t know, just a really well-done way. Like I’m only five hours in, but I’m like super impressed with it so far. Yeah.

Ste (07:42.809)
Wow, yeah, I heard very good stuff about it. It’s like the character customization that I’ve seen on the internet is crazy. I mean, for that alone, yeah. I don’t know if it’s on PS5 or where do you play it?

Adam (08:01.546)
I’m playing it on a Mac. It’s on Steam. I think it’s Steam Windows, Steam Mac, and PS5.

Ste (08:04.374)

Ste (08:10.417)
Okay, so they got the one for Mac as well. Okay, that’s good to know. Yes. Yeah, exactly. I mean, what game does that? Okay, I’ll definitely check it out then.

Adam (08:13.474)
Yeah. I was pretty amazed they had a Mac version. Like I, yeah.

Adam (08:24.618)
I don’t know if there’s cross-platform play between like Mac and PC or Mac and PS5, but I have a feeling there is, but yeah. But yeah, it’s been, it’s been fun. It, it, it’s kind of like, do you ever start doing something for fun and you realize like, oh, this is, this is definitely going to impact my productivity on some other things.

Ste (08:36.141)
Yeah, that’s pretty good.

Ste (08:49.773)
Yeah, lots of things, unfortunately. So yeah, from that point of view, I might like think twice before downloading it. Ah, crap. Uh, yeah.

Adam (09:02.206)
I am glad it’s not an MMORPG though. So there’s like, there’s an actual like storyline and ending unlike MMORPGs, which kind of can go on forever. So I do appreciate that aspect.

Ste (09:10.193)

Ste (09:13.653)
Oh, okay. That’s good. Yeah, that’s slightly better. Nice.

Adam (09:21.841)
Yeah. So I’ll probably be doing that most evenings nowadays until I make it, make it through.

Ste (09:26.397)
Hahaha, yeah. That sounds a bit… I mean, you can do multiplayer, right? How does that work?

Adam (09:35.083)
Yeah, the, from what I can see, there’s, so there’s like, when you start the campaign mode, it’s kind of like Skyrim or something where you’re, you, you create your local save and it’s dedicated to just you. It’s a hundred percent your game, no other players. You can’t invite anyone else. It’s just, you’re playing a single person game all the way through. Um, if you start a multiplayer game, I think you can, you have to start it with the people in mind.

You might be able to invite other people later. I’m not sure, but then you’re, you’re starting just a new save that, um, other people are in and, uh, everyone creates their characters together and then they start from the very beginning together. Kind of like creating a D and D campaign and everyone’s starting at the beginning.

Ste (10:21.209)
That’s crazy. Yeah, I heard they really made it with that one. I mean I’ve seen that it’s like so highly rated Amongst like really serious players so Yeah, I’ve never played Baldur’s Gate either. What’s Yeah

Adam (10:32.843)

Adam (10:36.258)
same. Did you ever play Diablo 2? Or Diablo? It’s

Ste (10:42.773)
Oh yeah, I did. Yeah, I wasn’t like that big into it, my brother was. But yeah, I know what it’s about.

Adam (10:51.074)
It kind of feels like Diablo two combined with Skyrim, but then with a, like a, uh, a battle system where it’s a, it’s not like an active battle where it’s like click, but it’s like, it pauses at decision-making moments and then everyone has a turn to go. And so because of that battle system, it’s completely different in like, once you get into battle, but the rest of the game feels like Skyrim or something.

Ste (11:12.387)

Ste (11:20.925)
Okay, yeah, I definitely like that. Nice.

Adam (11:28.97)
Yeah. Other, other than that, I think last week was mostly just, uh, fixing random hardcover bugs and kind of just working on improving the stability of the app. And I think that we’ve, uh, we’ve, we’ve put out so much stuff lately. It’s kind of like rewinding and taking time to polish and, um, yeah, just make it a more refined app. So people don’t, uh, don’t have those like quirky moments as often.

Ste (11:29.798)

Ste (11:59.993)
Yeah, I’ve seen lately the bugs have been less, I mean, they’ve been smaller bugs, which is good. We haven’t had the huge ones. So that’s good news. And even the feedback, it’s for progressively smaller stuff, which is a good indication that there’s no big stuff that we are taking care of. So yeah.

But then again, yeah, lots of polish to do. But from what I’ve been using the app a lot to save and browse books, and yeah, it’s really nice.

Adam (12:45.879)
Nice. Yeah. Whenever I use it nowadays and I’m browsing my friend’s feed or everyone’s feed, I’ve been adding more and more books because of it. So it’s been doing its job.

Ste (13:01.756)

Yeah, exactly. Well, that’s good. And yeah, what’s good as well is that we’re planning a huge major update in parallel with doing that. What do today, do you think it’s good? So we have two major things that we’re working on, one which is molar and one which is…

bigger in magnitude, I guess. The bigger one is obviously discussions, which we have been mentioning in hardcover live for a while. And the other one was your idea, then which I think is great. And the first designs went really well, which is the hardcover you read in books. And that’s…

basically an overview of what happened in 2003 in the world of books on hardcover and in the publishing industry. And we’re working to do like a huge sum up of all the things that are like on our network and off our network, like trends and stuff we’ve been seeing from the book industry. And that’s really, that’s really exciting.

I was wondering what should we talk about today? Would it be like either of these things? What do you think would be like more interesting? What do you have in mind?

Adam (14:34.722)
Um, maybe, I don’t know. I mean, we could continue on with discussions and kind of see where things have gone so far since the last time we chatted. I have a feeling just looking at it again now with some fresh eyes might be nice. What do you think?

Ste (14:45.724)

Ste (14:53.963)
Yeah, that’s really good. I did some updates, so I’m just gonna share my screen and…

Ste (15:06.897)
we’ve been cooking. So, this is the prototype for discussions. As you can see, lots of stuff going on here. These are the things we are showing to the people we’re talking to. And we’re trying to get as much feedback as possible to see, like, if everything we’ve done here makes sense. And for, I think…

This iteration, I really liked the updates you made on the prototype Adam. You’ve added like stuff like this, which makes it a bit more clear. And this is a really good idea, you know, instead of having like a button somewhere, I think, yeah, just having this row makes it way clear how you can start any discussions.

And I’ve been doing this, these sort by and filter popovers. And maybe we can talk about these and a few other updates I did on this, the new discussion page. So this is how it would feel when you are submitting the new discussion. And of course these wouldn’t pop.

up at the same time, but this is like the behavior we want from what, you know, you can do while you’re writing a post. And.

how it would look like with replies. I’ve done a few changes that are similar to what you did Adam on the other prototypes over here. And I’ve gotten some real content from Reddit slash our books. So we can actually use that. So these would be like real discussions. Yeah, the replies aren’t like tied to that, but…

Adam (17:12.684)

Ste (17:20.089)
Yeah, we can even make the replies exactly like the replies to a real discussion.

Adam (17:28.67)
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. There’s, and yeah, this, I feel like this is like that, that first good flow that if we can get it right for like book discussions, then we can kind of leverage this for everywhere else discussions live across the site. Yeah.

Ste (17:29.302)
Yeah, so making progress.

Ste (17:49.893)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Adam (17:51.606)
definitely the most important case.

Ste (17:54.617)
Yeah, exactly. Yeah, this is like the backbone, like the main flow. I also got some recent feedback from someone who was asking if they could comment on the list. So you’d see like a list, and you would just say, you know, this is cool. And they didn’t even, I don’t think they knew about the fact that we’re working on discussions. So it was really surprising that, you know, they actually set it out of the blue.

Adam (18:23.618)

Ste (18:23.717)
Uh, it was just on this court and I was like, Oh yeah, we’re actually working on this. And it would actually be a great idea to put replies if you want them active on the list. So when you create a list, uh, or a prompt, well, maybe not a prompt, but the list, it would be nice to have people comment on the list. If you allow that, uh, what do you think about that? Would that.

be something that we can use replies for. I thought it was interesting.

Adam (18:56.027)
Yeah, yeah, I can see us using the same reply mechanism for having a reply, having replies for a list, prompts, an activity in your feed.

Adam (19:11.958)
I’m kind of split on if we should do it for reviews or not, because I feel like reviews with comments kind of could get into like authors replying to reviewers. And I know that makes for a kind of awkward, um, place. So it’s almost like discuss discussions are the place for authors to go, not the reviews.

Ste (19:29.585)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Ste (19:38.105)
Yeah, that’s true. But then again, on the other side, I think that risk at least for us at this point is pretty minimal. What would you say is worrying you about that case in particular? I know there were some incidents on Goodreads, for example, when authors replied, or the other way around, reviewers replied to authors and it kind of got…

awkward because you were suddenly aware that the author might be reading your review and they might call you out or reply, which is a bit uncomfortable. But is that what you’re thinking with not allowing replies for reviews?

Adam (20:38.09)
Yeah, it’s a combination of that. Plus like if, if you’re trying to like decide what book to read and there are like a couple of reviews and you’re looking through those reviews and then each one of them has like 20, 30 comments that like just multiplies the amount you have to read to understand the context of each comment or each review. So it, it makes it. Uh, but one thing that, um,

Ste (21:03.268)

Adam (21:09.07)
One thing that I noticed Letterboxd does is they allow your friends to comment on your reviews and that’s it. So it’s not a public thing. It’s a friends only is the only like the level, which was an interesting way of doing it because then you get to decide what comments get to live and which ones get deleted.

Ste (21:20.418)

Ste (21:34.581)
Mm-hmm. Yeah, that’s really interesting. I’m wondering, I mean, we will have those controls for posts in general as well, right? So you can, for a post, decide if you want no one to reply to it, if you want your friends to reply to it, or if you want the whole world to reply to it. So I’m wondering if… Because I can see like…

Also the other side of this where it could be actually really fun and interesting to discuss someone’s review. So if it would be the official review, there could be many like discussions sparked by that review. So, yeah, I’m guessing.

if you default it to only allowing friends to reply to reviews, but actually make it so that you can change that setting. So when you post a review, you’d be able to, from here, we’d basically have this and you’d have friends, but you could post the review so everyone can comment on it. So it would be like your decision.

What would you think about that? What would be like the dangers of that?

Adam (23:08.05)
Yeah, I think I’m trying to figure out.

Like two things, one of them is like privacy settings for discussions. And if, if having privacy settings for discussions makes sense, or if every discussion should be a public discussion. Because I’m thinking like, if you have a friends only discussion, like right now, most people only have a handful of friends and so those people, like for their friends to see the book for them to.

Ste (23:19.441)

Ste (23:38.074)

Adam (23:44.612)

like even see your discussion that you’ve created, it feels like it’s lowering that chance of having any kind of engagement in the discussion and making it more of a post than a collaboration. So, yeah.

Ste (24:02.577)
Mm-hmm. I’m guessing, though, that some people might want that. I mean, I think the feedback we got from lots of readers was that they were pretty private. So.

Ste (24:20.601)
Maybe we can ask about privacy like separately to see if it’s a thing. I mean, right now most, yeah.

Adam (24:28.278)
Yeah. Cause so far, yeah, so far none of the people I’ve like taken through the prototype have commented on this everyone button, like when I’ve asked about like this page and, and questions about it, things they would use, no one said like, I want to make this post private or things like that. So I think right now, like, uh,

I’m trying to think of a good use case for someone who would want to make a private post and it seems like the private post would be for someone who’s like a power user on hardcover and they know their friends are also reading this book on hardcover.

Ste (25:10.805)
Mm-hmm. Yeah, exactly. I mean, that would be like three levels. It would be like either completely public in your network or no one at all. I’m guessing like some people might want to post like they’re posting on a blog. So for those people, maybe not allowing comments would be like thing they would

Adam (25:12.061)

Ste (25:42.657)
require for, you know, and not having that option might make them say, okay, I won’t post here because anyone or like my friends can reply. So it’s either they don’t make a network on hardcover or they have everyone reply to their posts. So I’d maybe ask specifically about that just for us to see if it’s like an issue.

Adam (26:10.27)
Yeah. And the other side of it is a lot of people that would like use discussions are like 95% lurkers, 5% posters. And so for, for that, like lurker persona who’s mostly just reading and maybe commenting, but not really making new posts except rarely, I could see them not really using the, the different.

Ste (26:24.868)
Uh huh.

Adam (26:39.286)
degrees of public, friends only. They just wanna read stuff and comment on it. So it’d be mostly that small set of people who are creating posts. How can we set those people that are creating posts up for success and what do they want? And so far I haven’t hit on too many interviews with people who are like, oh, I wanna create posts all the time. So if we get someone like that in an interview.

Ste (26:59.479)

Ste (27:07.836)

Adam (27:08.746)
We need to really dig into their public, private, friends only wants.

Ste (27:19.137)
Yeah, that’s really funny because the last interview I had was with someone who liked discussions because they do that with their friends, like over coffee, over like chats, not in a book club, just like specifically like meeting to talk about books. And yeah, I’m wondering, you know, whether like…

that level of privacy would be important. So maybe we could add like a question in there because yeah, just like, if you’d post something to hardcover, would it make sense to have these different degrees of separation between, yeah, how private you’d want the discussion. But yeah, I agree. I mean, we should be encouraging everyone to post publicly. I mean.

and be nice.

Adam (28:19.358)
Yeah. And I’m thinking if like on this, uh, book discussions page, like if, if someone were to see this page and like everything on here, um, is a discussion that they can’t respond to. That would kind of drive me away from the discussions forum. Cause like, this isn’t a forum. This is like, uh, like a posting board that people are just throwing stuff on for other people to see. It’s not a, it’s not a two way conversation.

Ste (28:36.518)

Ste (28:47.813)
Yeah, that’s true. OK, yeah, you’re right. So maybe just remove this for now. And if at some point we need to implement it, I’m guessing we can do that, right?

Adam (29:06.506)
Yeah. And I’ll probably like even in the code, I’ll probably like still add that setting for public, private and friends only. And I’ll just default everything to public that we’ve that that’s kind of being created in the system. And then in the future we could add like an option for friends only.

Ste (29:15.715)

Ste (29:24.877)
Yeah, that sounds great. That’s pretty amazing. So, for the sorting and filters, what do you think about these? So, for sorting, I just added the options or some of the options, actually, that we talked about over here. So, we have new posts, we have hot, which would be like a combination of…

I’m guessing.

Adam (29:58.318)
probably new age likes and comments.

Ste (29:58.939)

Ste (30:03.093)
Yeah, exactly. So it would be like these three things. Yeah, new most liked and most commented on. Then I also put in reader match score, but are we going to have that?

Adam (30:20.77)
Hmm. Yeah. I mean, we have, yeah, it’s like the, it’s like the OP match score, right? Like this is the, the person who created the post, their match score.

Ste (30:28.315)

Ste (30:32.441)
Yeah, exactly.

Adam (30:35.618)
That wouldn’t be easy to sort by.

Ste (30:39.453)
Mm-hmm. Okay. So maybe this goes up.

Adam (30:42.102)
But maybe that option becomes like most recent comment or something, because it’s like, because new I see as like the post was created.

Ste (30:52.338)

Ste (31:01.549)
I just added that, what do you think? Like recent comments, recent comments like this. And it could be like, let’s see, recent.

Adam (31:07.776)

Ste (31:23.153)
thing that helps us. Timer. Yeah.

Adam (31:26.261)
Hmm. Time or clock? Oh, yeah. Clock.

Ste (31:31.878)
Uh, recent comments.

Ste (31:38.609)
for timer.

or better, alarm clock or…

Ste (31:47.233)
I’m just gonna put in the lamp or stopwatch.

Adam (31:50.112)
I think, I think, clock sounds good to me.

Ste (31:53.565)
clock. Okay.

Adam (31:54.73)
Yeah. Any, any of the clock at different dates? It’s funny if there’s an icon for like one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock.

Ste (31:59.299)
Oh yeah.

Ste (32:04.425)
Yeah, exactly. I didn’t really understand why, but I’m guessing some people like who were just, oh God, I don’t want it to show like, what is this, like four o’clock. I really want something showing like something else. Yeah, look at this. Okay. Well, this will do. It’s four o’clock in our world. Four o’clock is a good hour. Yeah. Do you think there’s like anything else in here that would go in this dialogue?

Adam (32:08.322)

Adam (32:13.066)

Adam (32:18.99)
I’m gonna go to bed.

Adam (32:28.589)

Adam (32:34.234)
Um, no, I don’t think so. I think, uh, I think that covers everything. I can think of for sorting options.

Ste (32:38.287)

Ste (32:45.625)
Yeah, over here under new, we had these, but I’m guessing like for usability purposes, this would be like easier to understand. So you have most like most comments and then recent comments, which is kind of like, yeah, a combination of

Adam (33:08.298)
Yeah. I guess one way we could do it is almost group the time ones if we wanted to, with the little horizontal bar. Almost like, I don’t know. That’s probably overkill for something this small.

Ste (33:28.255)
Oh yeah, okay, yeah.

Yeah, no, that’s actually good.

Ste (33:40.505)
Yeah, well that should sort it, right?

Adam (33:43.903)

Ste (33:44.429)
I think there’s what other way to sort it is there. Yeah, I think we’ve covered pretty much everything.

Adam (33:52.214)
I don’t know if we need this here, but it kind of separates discussion from comment. It could go either way though.

Ste (33:56.021)
Yeah, yeah, that’s actually good. Yeah, no, I added the nest, so they’re nicely stacked, so it’s like a pyramid. Yeah, designer stuff. And for the filters, this is like my first thinking around this, so I added their filter by keyword. And then…

Adam (34:06.262)
Hmm. Yeah.

Ste (34:22.605)
I put toggles for everything else. So if you wanna include spoilers, you can. If you wanna show links, you can show links. If you want posts with images, you can do that. And I was thinking this could be like active by default and you could disable them. What do you think about that?

Adam (34:46.558)
Yeah, I’m done for that. And I think maybe if we do this, we can move show mentions just into here.

Ste (34:54.581)
Oh yeah, okay, yeah. So it would actually have, oh yeah, mentions. That’s a good.

Ste (35:11.486)
Oh, okay, that doesn’t help user. What would be like a good icon for mentions? Yeah, can this, is this Mando? Oh yeah, it’s Mando.

Adam (35:25.303)
I know there’s like a, yeah, like the quote one. I mean, the quotes one kind of seems like mentions in a way too, but I don’t want to get that confused.

Ste (35:34.529)
Yeah. So if you do quotes, there are different like different quotes. Oh, maybe we can do like the message quote or a comment quote. Let’s see. So quotes are like this. What do you think?

Adam (35:53.215)

Adam (35:57.298)
Yeah, yeah, I think that’s good.

Ste (36:03.129)
Yeah, we can change it later. Yeah. They’re similar, but different at the same time. So yeah, I was thinking this could be all active. And then maybe it records your preferences and saves them for most discussions. So if you’d want to not see.

Adam (36:06.938)

Ste (36:27.397)
posts with images, you can just disable that. Or if you want to only see links, you can disable everything else. And if it’s a toggle, I’m guessing it’s like very easy because you just go, and you like filter through everything.

Adam (36:43.765)

And I’m thinking this filter by keyword part. So the idea is that would search within the content of the original post, but not like the comments itself. Right?

Ste (37:01.233)
The post, yeah.

Ste (37:06.221)
I guess so, yeah, that’d be easier. So if you want to, yeah, if you want to, what would, I mean, this is not a huge use case. I can’t imagine like someone searching for, what would you search for, for example, for, for Cersei.

Adam (37:08.47)
That would be the easiest. Yeah.

Adam (37:26.838)
You could search for like Odysseus and…

Ste (37:30.191)
Maybe, okay, yeah, characters. Yeah, characters would be.

Adam (37:33.782)
or places, yeah, events, events in the storyline, abilities.

Ste (37:35.974)

Ste (37:39.413)
Mm-hmm. Okay, yeah, so that would actually make sense to have these.

Ste (37:47.365)
the keywords.

Adam (37:49.854)
Yeah, the whole, I feel like the search side of this will, could potentially like go into our actual search if we wanted to like, you know, send all of our discussions and comments to Algolia and be able to search through there as well. Cause this search, I think this search by itself, it would scale,

Ste (38:10.215)

Adam (38:19.522)
for a limited time. And then we would need to switch it to using something like Algolia.

Ste (38:19.853)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Ste (38:26.645)
Yeah, I guess what you’re saying. So maybe it would make much more sense to actually

to actually just have these and…

Adam (38:37.942)
This would be a better place to start, I think. Yeah.

Ste (38:42.261)
Okay. Yeah. And if you want to just search for like a keyword or a character, you can just use the quick search and it would display the discussions at some point, like not at first.

Adam (38:55.09)
Yeah. And we might be able to do, yeah. And we could probably do something kind of like Reddit does relatively easy where it’s like search within this book. So it’s like.

Ste (39:09.033)
Okay, yeah, okay. Yeah.

Adam (39:11.518)
So it’s only searching for discussions tied to this book.

Ste (39:16.349)
Mm-hmm. Yeah, that’s actually really good. Would you see that in the main search or would you see that in a duplicate search over here? I’m guessing in the main search would be like, okay. So if you’re on this page and you just click quick search, you have one of those things inside the search that says you’re searching in like this book’s discussions.

Adam (39:46.526)
Yeah, and you could remove that filter if you wanted from the search, and it would search by everyone. But otherwise, it searches within this book.

Ste (39:46.67)
or stuff about this book.

Ste (39:54.73)
Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Ste (40:00.645)
Sounds good. So should we just leave it like that? These are nice and clean.

Adam (40:05.002)
Yeah, I think this is good for now. I do think maybe filter, we could probably do something better than filter with the filter icon. I feel like this is very like tools focused, but I’m not sure like.

Ste (40:13.87)

Yeah, exactly.

Adam (40:19.682)
what the alternative would be that would be better. It’s like.

Ste (40:23.842)

Ste (40:28.305)
Good question. Did anybody invent another word for filter? So what you’re doing here is.

Ste (40:39.505)
filtering out Things yeah Yeah

Adam (40:41.31)
It’s like include, but I mean, include’s not great either, but.

Ste (40:48.397)
Yeah, and maybe we can make it clear with the icon. So.

Adam (40:48.888)

Adam (40:56.162)
Let me see if I can change the icon now. I just did some updates with the font you sent me. Let’s see.

Ste (41:03.409)
Okay, yeah, let’s see.

With the duotone one, you actually have to write it twice. So you have to have this hashtag. And I usually do like this, like five. And then I copy paste it and do like this.

Adam (41:25.3)
Okay, so let me get an actual icon name.

Ste (41:32.151)
Yeah, let’s see. Include. Okay, that wasn’t really helpful.

Adam (41:32.266)

Adam (41:40.43)

Adam (41:57.622)
Okay, here’s one option. So it’s like you just type the name and then you hit hashtag at the end of it, pound at the end of it.

Ste (42:07.541)
Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Ah, here we go. You got it. Nice. Yeah.

Adam (42:14.026)
Okay, let me try that one without this.

Adam (42:21.079)
Yeah. Hey, finally, I think part of it was that I was using the web app for the website for Figma. And that was causing a lot of errors. But as soon as I downloaded the actual app, it worked immediately.

Ste (42:31.313)
for FigBot.

Ste (42:42.021)
Okay, that’s good to know. I ran into so much trouble with fonts in general. I think they have like, they had a hard time sorting that out, but yeah, now it’s working pretty good. 10%. Okay, wait, let me just, yeah. The first one has to have like one hashtag, the second one has to have two hashtags. So, here we go. Yeah, it’s just for the duotone icons. So I think they’re like,

the component is pasting two icons in one. So at different opacity for the regular ones, you just write. So if you want to like do like this Chevron, it’s automatically well, circle, circle and percent. There we go.

Adam (43:24.949)
Oh, okay.

Adam (43:30.546)
Interesting. Good to know.

Ste (43:33.217)
Yeah, there is two components. We have them in the UI library somewhere. So yeah, I just put them here. So if you’re looking for them, this one is the regular one. This one is the duotone one. You can just use the regular one because it’s easier.

Adam (43:52.27)

Ste (43:53.169)
Save this one with the ghost over here.

Adam (43:57.896)
Nice. I’m amazed that Figma integrates that well with Fun Awesome. That’s pretty handy.

Ste (43:58.416)

Ste (44:04.437)
Yeah, yeah, it’s really handy. I mean, it helps a lot with the speed and we have lots of icons.

Adam (44:10.734)
And I can stop dragging SVGs everywhere.

Ste (44:14.337)
Ah, yeah. Well, that’s a good way to do it as well, but this is quicker.

Adam (44:21.32)

Adam (44:24.654)
Cool. Yeah, so it’s.

Adam (44:33.867)
Yeah, well, yeah.

Ste (44:33.901)
Yeah, include doesn’t sound. Yeah.

Adam (44:38.614)
Or I mean, another option is like, only show. It’s very, very literal. And then maybe instead of, it could be like.

Ste (44:39.261)
That’s pit-a-pit.

Ste (44:43.873)
Oh yeah, oh yeah, that’s actually good. Yeah, that’s actually way better.

Ste (44:56.497)
That’s part of it.

Adam (45:01.318)
And if we wanted a fun thing to show, we could do a…

Adam (45:10.382)
Let’s see.

Ste (45:16.677)
Ah, here we go.

Adam (45:18.755)
Maybe not. It’s pretty, I was like, oh, there’s a monocle icon?

Ste (45:23.445)
Yeah, I actually love that song. Yeah, you can actually hear it.

Adam (45:28.114)
OK, do that out of like.

Ste (45:29.805)
Yeah, it’s way better than filters. Yeah, that’s a good idea.

Ste (45:36.365)
I think UI should move in this direction. So.

Adam (45:42.018)
Very, very literal.

Ste (45:44.495)

Ste (45:48.313)
Yeah, I love this. I mean, it’s like a very easy way to like sort through all of these.

Adam (45:56.478)
Yeah. And…

Ste (45:58.521)
And it’s gonna be interesting to just like scroll. Yeah.

Adam (46:03.722)
Yeah. And then…

on all these me like.

Ste (46:13.13)
Oh yeah, it actually says.

What’s going on here? I think this one okay. Yeah, no it was actually in the back

Adam (46:28.43)
Hmm. Yeah. I, uh, had it back this, like, uh, tag that says what type of thing each one is.

Ste (46:40.613)

Adam (46:44.95)
I was kind of like on the fence about that. Cause like each one kind of looks a little bit different, like whether it’s a link or a quote or.

Ste (46:56.124)

Adam (46:56.636)

Ste (47:01.957)
Well, that’s not, I mean, I think it’s good. I was going to play around with like certain elements. So here you’d have the tags and here you’d have like the type of post, right?

Adam (47:17.843)
Yeah, that’s kind of what I was thinking.

Ste (47:20.389)
Yeah, I think that makes sense.

Adam (47:24.891)
And it makes sense from a priority standpoint. The type of post is greater priority than the tag.

Ste (47:26.013)

Ste (47:34.373)
Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I was playing around with where to actually include the tags over here. I just had them in the same place. But I might do some, just see where else they can go. And yeah, actually, let me put the go here as well. I’m not sure whether like,

The timing. Oh, actually, yeah, it can appear here. Yeah. It’s actually right where you put it, right? Yep.

Adam (48:13.566)
I think so.

Ste (48:15.757)
Yeah. And I’m still trying to figure out this area, because I wanted to do something like this. I think it could be nice. I was going to mock it up in the feed to see if it would look good next to the other posts. But yeah, I think we can do something similar.

Adam (48:41.651)

Ste (48:42.582)
to this where you have the book like first, and then you have who’s like doing the update.

Adam (48:50.718)
Yeah. And this, this one.

just to make sure I’m communicating what I had in mind for it. The idea was like, someone posted a discussion in the Final Empire discussion board, and in their text for that discussion, they mentioned Cersei. And so it’s showing up here as a mention. It’s like a discussion mention.

Ste (49:00.335)
Uh huh.

Ste (49:13.826)

Ste (49:19.655)

Ste (49:23.081)
Okay, okay, okay. Yeah, I didn’t actually quite catch that at first, but yeah, now it clicked. Okay, yeah, that’s a good one because we’ll have lots of cross mentions and that’s like one of the good things that could happen because you might have posts like this where you mention like 10 books.

Adam (49:47.082)
Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So for each of those books on that row, it would show up kind of like this in those books discussion boards.

Ste (49:58.717)
Mm-hmm. Okay. Yeah. I’m guessing, I mean, maybe we’d want to like disable mentions so that you would only see stuff about that’s been posted like about that book or would you see it’s like something that would be like by default visible.

Adam (50:00.422)
And yeah.

Adam (50:29.646)
I think it could be default visible, but then in the algorithm for sorting by hot, we could make a mention a lower priority than a post in this forum. So if it’s a really, really popular discussion in another book forum, that might move it up higher, but if it’s a discussion in another forum, in another board that’s not really liked or just replied to, then it would have like,

Ste (50:37.138)

Ste (50:42.702)
Okay, yeah, great.

Ste (50:49.201)

Adam (50:57.746)
a lower priority than a post in this forum that doesn’t have any priority.

Ste (51:03.097)
Yeah, that’s great. Yeah, good thinking. Nice. Yeah, I mean, that solves it.


Adam (51:12.584)
Yeah, yeah, these cards are looking great.

Ste (51:13.273)
Well, I think.


Adam (51:19.058)
And one of the things, like, I think two of the things that we’ve kind of like removed from here, and I think I’m okay removing them from here, is the idea of if, if the person read the book or not that we’re on.

Ste (51:35.912)
Oh yeah.

Adam (51:36.846)
Because we had that as an option before, but yeah, I feel like that’s, I mean, it’s so hard to know, like, did they finish the book at the time they posted this? And even that…

Ste (51:40.911)

Adam (51:53.65)
Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe it could be like in the thread, we show how far the reader was when they made the post or something, and we move it to the individual post page rather than the listing page, if we even show that at all.

Ste (51:56.058)

Ste (52:08.933)
Yeah, I wouldn’t put it… Mm-hmm, yeah. I’d lean towards not showing that at all, actually. I mean, I think it’s pretty obvious from the discussion if someone read it, plus you have the progress. So the progress kind of tells you that, you know, somebody finished that book or they didn’t. And…

Adam (52:35.082)
Yeah, actually, this one, that’s a good question. If this is the point at the book that this discussion is about, or is it about where the reader was at the time? Because I could see this being about where their discussion is focused in the book. So for instance, if there’s a quote, this is the location of the quote in the book.

Ste (52:35.354)

Ste (52:59.963)
and so

Ste (53:05.177)
Yeah, exactly. Well, I think it can be both. So we’re not like taking it. So if someone does their updates, let’s think that you’re at page 123 in Circe and you wanna post your updates for page 123 because that’s where you are. It can default that, but…

Let’s say you finished the book, but you want to post something that has to do with page 200. You’d just be able to change that and you would be able to post something about that point in the book or choose the chapter. Would that make sense? So it could be like defaults over here when you post a new discussion, the default would be…

Adam (53:41.944)

Adam (53:57.155)

Ste (54:03.333)
Just for usability or ease of use, it could be where you are in the book if you’re tracking it on hardcover. And this could be page minute or percentage. Or if you’d want to post about something at a certain moment in the book.

Yeah, it would just like put the page number or the percentage over here or the chapter.

Adam (54:41.675)
Yeah, it.

Ste (54:42.197)
Or nothing at all. I mean, this could be like an option that’s not even.

Ste (54:50.15)
could be.

Adam (54:52.787)
I got one kind of neat thing in an interview I had where they said, what if this whole section was instead of this, it was more like this. And it was like.

Ste (54:55.919)

Adam (55:12.654)
discussing up to page and then it’s like, you know, you select your page. And then.

Ste (55:25.675)
Oh yeah.

Ste (55:35.673)
Yeah, I like that.

Adam (55:38.718)
And so it’s less about like where they are in the book and more like that. That could still default to where they are. But if they, if they finish the book, then that, um, thing is going to start at the very end because you’re discussing the entire book, but if you’re. If you’re at page one 24 and you start a new discussion, then you’re, you’re only discussing up to the page that you’re currently on.

Ste (55:45.009)

Ste (56:04.437)
Mm-hmm Yeah, that makes sense. I mean I Also like this choose chapter, but I’m guessing you know we could

Adam (56:17.891)
We, one thing, well, I was going to say we can make a, you know, on the range sliders, you can make, um, like points where it snaps to them.

Ste (56:30.909)

Adam (56:32.098)
but there might be too many chapters in some books. Like some books have a hundred chapters.

Ste (56:33.69)

Ste (56:37.673)
Well, yeah, but still, I think we could, maybe, yeah, maybe that’s like a more complex thing. We could do that later, I’m guessing, but we could even do like zoom in if they have like 100 chapters and yeah, it could just snap because if we do this line is going to be pretty, this would be like a number. So you could input like any page number in here and it would move the slider or you could actually like

just do the slider. And yeah, I actually like that better. Let me just put this.

Adam (57:14.198)
And I can see this still showing up.

Adam (57:20.308)
or like a…

Ste (57:20.494)
Oh, over there. Yeah.

Yeah, of course.

Adam (57:25.642)
or set by chapter.

Ste (57:31.473)

I’m making it slightly bigger because the small one doesn’t have a drop down.

Adam (57:38.89)
Oh yeah.

Ste (57:45.225)
Okay, and maybe…

Ste (57:51.869)
put this higher up and then put the posts over here.

Ste (58:08.145)
Well, TBD, yeah.

Adam (58:09.738)

Adam (58:17.726)
Yeah, what if we move this icon?

Ste (58:18.458)

Adam (58:22.978)
before this.

Ste (58:23.753)
Oh, in front? Yeah.

Adam (58:29.006)
and then.

Adam (58:35.158)
So it’s just a nut, and this too.

Ste (58:42.553)

Adam (58:43.773)
Not sure on that, but…

Ste (58:46.245)
Yeah, no, it’s good. It’s good.

Adam (58:50.054)
or the other thing I was thinking was making that a badge instead of a number. But I think that’s overkill.

Ste (58:51.101)
That’s very good.

Ste (58:56.369)
Oh yeah, it could be a batch. Well, let’s see. Accent.

Adam (59:08.258)
That does communicate the connection between those two, because as you drag, it’s going to be increasing the number.

Ste (59:08.269)
Oh yeah, that’s actually.

Ste (59:14.677)
Oh yeah, exactly. Yeah. Let’s put this so that it’s like up to here so it doesn’t. So yeah, that’s going to increase the number.

Adam (59:23.074)
Hmm. Yeah. That’s, I think that’s pretty neat. Like, I think, I think this, this communicates what we’re going for. I think the most important part is like, where is this discussion up to, as opposed to where I am as a reader?

Ste (59:28.337)

Ste (59:33.893)

Ste (59:38.717)
Mm-hmm. Yeah, that’s a good distinction actually. I think if we do it like over here, yeah, it makes more sense, you know, up to the point rather than, you know, I’m here. It also allows people to do like an approximation, like if you maybe know you’re halfway through, something happened halfway through the book you’re reading.

You might not know what page, but you might know, you know, the rough. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I’m wondering over here, if you’re like listening to an audio book or you just want to, um, like, uh, change this, would it be better to show it as a percentage?

Adam (01:00:12.12)
You might know the shape of the graph.

Adam (01:00:32.75)
Hmm. Yeah, it’s. Yeah, that’s a tricky one, because it feels like we need to say percentage page number and audiobook length. So it’s like.

Ste (01:00:41.485)

Ste (01:00:45.692)

page, and it depends on the edition. So that’s like, because it can be.

Ste (01:01:04.232)
with something like this makes sense or is it?

Adam (01:01:07.387)
I might change this to like four hours.

Ste (01:01:14.584)
Oh yeah.

Adam (01:01:18.606)
Wait, I think I, did I delete it?

Ste (01:01:19.937)
Oh, no, I think I did. Sorry about that.

Adam (01:01:24.56)
Okay. No worries. Yeah. Like, uh, four hours, 27 minutes. Yeah. It’s like.

Adam (01:01:38.305)
Yeah, because we want.

I’m just moving them to look at it in a different way.

Ste (01:01:44.893)
Mm-hmm. Yeah. You would want to set the page number as a number, right? Or the time, like I’m exactly at four hours, 27 minutes. Or…

Adam (01:02:02.562)
Mm. Yeah. What if? What if this were like? Brainstorming, brainstorming here, if this were like.

Ste (01:02:16.486)

Adam (01:02:23.742)
I was going to put it up here, but now that doesn’t make as much sense as I thought it would.

Ste (01:02:29.306)
No, that’s actually good word. I put it in okay

Ste (01:02:37.981)
That’s not bad. Let me take this. So the question here would be…

Ste (01:02:49.297)
Would you want to see minutes if you’re reading like a…

hardcover or would you want to see like the page if you’re reading an audiobook or should we just like make it?

something like this, so it’s drop down or like a toggle.

Adam (01:03:12.502)
Hmm. So I’m thinking like, if I were, if I were coming in to use this and I was reading the audio book, as I was dragging this toggle, like this, uh, this one, I would want this to update with my audio book position. So like, I would want this to say four hours, 27 minutes.

Ste (01:03:27.878)

Ste (01:03:40.221)
Mm-hmm. Okay.

Adam (01:03:41.1)
And then.

Ste (01:03:46.917)
We have that as well. I’m just gonna put as a.

Adam (01:03:56.395)
Yeah, and.

Ste (01:03:56.793)
And then you could select the format somewhere and it could be like, wait, let me fetch the formats that we have somewhere in the book button when you select your edition. So it’s either a ebook, audio book or ebook. Book or ebook would be the same thing. So it’s either…

Adam (01:04:11.204)
Oh yeah.

Ste (01:04:37.945)
And this would be like an audio book in this case.

Adam (01:04:41.811)
I have a-

an idea. Like what if instead of

Ste (01:04:46.791)

Adam (01:04:49.826)
I was gonna say what if instead of discussing uptil, we say listening uptil and reading uptil, but that might be overloading.

Ste (01:04:58.159)
Oh yeah.

Ste (01:05:04.306)
Nah, that’s actually great. I didn’t, Frank, I didn’t like the word.

Adam (01:05:19.67)
And if we wanted to, we could like put this here.

And then.

Like the, this part.

Adam (01:05:37.535)
Yeah, we need to make it clear that like this is a button to toggle between listening and reading. It might be hard.

Adam (01:06:31.041)
What about this with like a…

Adam (01:06:36.362)
I was imagining like something like this around it.

where it’s like a…

Adam (01:06:50.302)
And as you click, yeah, like a toggle with icons.

Adam (01:08:04.916)
Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Adam (01:08:23.35)
What if we do make this like that? And that actually is also like a clickable button, even though it’s a small one. Would that be a bad UI choice?

Adam (01:09:03.502)

Adam (01:09:20.247)
Oh, I wasn’t even thinking that, but that looks cool too.

Adam (01:09:26.99)
In that case, I will move this down, and then it’s like more space.

Adam (01:09:40.342)
Yeah, because it’s like…

Adam (01:09:46.21)

Adam (01:09:51.214)
Cool. Well, I think that’s a good point for the day.

Adam (01:10:00.631)

Adam (01:10:19.164)

Adam (01:10:29.227)

Yeah, that sounds good.

Adam (01:10:50.098)
or well.

I think that’s a good breaking point for the day. What do you think?

Adam (01:11:03.114)
Yeah, I think maybe Riverside.

Adam (01:11:15.602)

Adam (01:11:20.482)
Sounds good. Talk to you later. Bye.

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