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#27 – The Hardcover 2023 Year in Books

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Adam & Ste catch up on working in different countries during a time change and dig into designing the Hardcover Year in Books 2023.


The conversation covers various topics including time zones, a quiet week, working on the discussions prototype, feedback on the prototype, redesigning the feed, future plans for discussions, starting the urine review design, adding navigation and logo, designing the header section, designing the section cards, designing the most read books section, and exploring section title placement. In this conversation, Ste and Adam methodically review different layout options for displaying book covers and related information. They explore various arrangements and consider the best approach for book lists. They discuss the placement of book covers, titles, reviews, and buttons, aiming for a visually appealing and user-friendly design. They experiment with different layouts and discuss the pros and cons of each. They also plan to share their design options with others for feedback and make final adjustments before implementing the design.


Time zones can be confusing, especially when scheduling meetings across different regions.
Designing the discussions prototype is progressing well, with positive feedback received.
The feed on Hardcover may be redesigned to include a discover feed, showcasing hot lists, prompts, and discussion topics.
Discussions on Hardcover will be owned by the book rather than individual readers or groups, allowing for broader participation.
The urine review design is underway, with considerations for navigation and section layout. Consider different layout options when displaying book covers and related information.
Balance visual appeal with user-friendliness in the design.
Experiment with different arrangements and gather feedback from others.
Make final adjustments before implementing the design.


00:00 Introduction and Time Zones
01:17 Quiet Week and Cat Adventure
03:00 Working on Discussions Prototype
05:05 Feedback on Discussions Prototype
08:49 Redesigning the Feed
11:43 Future Plans for Discussions
16:19 Starting the Urine Review Design
19:00 Adding Navigation and Logo
21:09 Designing the Header Section
25:32 Designing the Section Cards
34:32 Designing the Most Read Books Section
41:53 Exploring Section Title Placement
45:15 Exploring Different Layouts
51:05 Considerations for Book Lists
56:33 Arranging Book Covers
01:03:27 Finalizing the Design
01:11:14 Reviewing the Design Options
01:13:03 Wrapping Up the Session

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