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#29 – Year in Books Sections

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The conversation covers topics such as Thanksgiving leftovers, the Dragonsteel conference, book release dates, feed customization, the Brandon Sanderson convention, curiosity about book releases, fastest readers and badges, customizing the feed, and reviewing the 2023 year in books. In this conversation, Adam and Ste discuss finalizing the book images and making them mobile-friendly. They also talk about validating the images to ensure they accurately depict scenes from the books. The conversation then moves on to discussing layout changes and addressing design challenges. They explore different options for centering the layout and adding gradients and shadows. They also discuss fixing loading and layout issues, as well as adding additional sections and share buttons. The conversation concludes with anticipation for user experience and reactions to the website.


The Dragonsteel conference is a gathering of dedicated fans of Brandon Sanderson’s books.
Book release dates are typically on Tuesdays in the US to take advantage of an entire week of sales and media coverage.
The feed on the platform could be customized to include recommendations and notifications about newly launched books.
The fastest readers could be recognized with badges or stats on their profile.
The 2023 year in books could be reviewed to identify trends and popular titles. Finalize book images and make them mobile-friendly
Validate images to ensure accurate depiction of book scenes
Experiment with layout changes and address design challenges
Add gradients, shadows, and interactive book covers
Fix loading and layout issues and add additional sections
Include share buttons for easy sharing of content
Anticipate user experience and reactions to the website


00:00 Thanksgiving leftovers and snow
03:02 Dragonsteel conference
05:08 Spoilers and dedicated fans
08:16 Book release dates and feed customization
10:25 Brandon Sanderson convention
19:29 Curiosity about book releases
22:40 Fastest readers and badges
26:16 Customizing the feed
28:56 Reviewing the 2023 year in books
41:31 Finalizing the Book Images
42:22 Validating the Book Images
43:32 Working on Variations for Yumi and the Nightmare Painter
44:04 Ensuring Accurate Character Representations
44:32 Addressing Design Challenges
45:35 Describing Clothing Based on Fan Art
46:00 Discussing Layout Changes
46:51 Exploring Centered Layouts
47:21 Using Background Images with Padding
48:42 Creating a Slide-like Effect
49:19 Adjusting Container Width for Review and Title
50:19 Balancing Space and Layout
51:26 Styling Sections with Left-Right Layout
52:53 Addressing Styling Issues
55:23 Adding Gradients and Shadows
58:11 Fixing Loading and Layout Issues
59:03 Identifying Unknown Div Issue
01:00:14 Improving Section Layouts
01:01:10 Resolving Loading and Flickering Issues
01:03:08 Investigating Sidebar and Flickering Issues
01:04:15 Adding Additional Sections
01:05:32 Adding Links and Share Buttons
01:08:00 Deciding on Linking to Specific Sections
01:09:25 Appreciating Interactive Book Covers
01:10:42 Finalizing Sections and Sharing with Librarians
01:11:55 Anticipating User Experience and Reactions


Adam (00:01.186)
Hey, hey, stay, how’s it going?

Ste (00:03.101)
Hi, how are you? It’s going well. Enjoying a very nice, cold, land evening afternoon. How about you?

Adam (00:12.285)
Yeah, just a recovering after a big Thanksgiving leftover lunch.

Ste (00:18.298)
Wow, how was that?

Adam (00:20.13)
Oh, it was fun. We had some friends over on Friday and had like, so there were like seven of us and just had all the traditional stuff, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and then some like Puerto Rican staples, like pernil and like rice and yeah. A lot of drinks, a lot of food. It’s just.

Ste (00:44.073)
Nice. How was the turkey? Yeah?

Adam (00:46.946)
It was good. They have this really simple way of making it, which is like, they sell these plastic bags that you can put a turkey in. I never even heard of this until a couple of years ago, but you basically just put the turkey in the plastic bag, put it in the pan, and put it in the oven for four and a half hours. And I guess the juices kind of flow back to the top in the bag, so it like auto-bastes it for four hours.

Ste (00:59.197)
Oh yeah.

Adam (01:16.787)
and it ends up very tasty.

Ste (01:19.061)
Okay, that sounds great. I think I’ve actually seen that in some movies, like turkey in a bag, just put the whole bag in the oven and that’s it. Nice.

Adam (01:30.314)
Yeah, it seems like it seems a little weird to be putting a plastic bag in the oven, but I guess it’s like a certain type of plastic that doesn’t melt.

Ste (01:37.141)
Yeah, yeah, exactly. The wonders of modern technology, allowing you to put turkey in a bag in the oven. That’s pretty nice. Yeah, I sometimes get these casseroles that, like, people over here are big on, like…

semi prep stuff so stuff you just get from the supermarket and you just put in the oven just take the lid off the top and that’s it and some of them are pretty tasty so they’re like a home cooked meal but yeah way easier and just like shove it in there yeah

Adam (01:59.147)

Adam (02:19.758)
Mm-hmm. That’s nice. Especially when it’s not like frozen first, it’s more like just prepared and you do the last step.

Ste (02:22.074)

Ste (02:28.877)
Yeah, exactly. They’re surprisingly good. I don’t know what they put in them, but they’re pretty good. Yeah.

Adam (02:38.552)
And then the day after Thanksgiving here, we had our first snow of the season. So it’s already melted, but it’s like down to the 20s and teens temperature wise, which let’s see, what is that in Celsius? Like nine, negative 10. So yeah.

Ste (02:58.072)
I wouldn’t know

Ste (03:02.753)
Okay, so it’s oh it’s even hotter than here. Yeah, it’s been like five celsius over here. So yeah winter is pretty much over here. So Got even got the gloves out Didn’t snow yet, though Nice, you know Uh, are you a snow person? Do you like the snow?

Adam (03:07.358)

Adam (03:25.25)
I like the snow. I mean, I think I’ve learned, like coming from Florida, I’ve learned like the equipment I need to not struggle in it, you know, the right clothes to not be too cold or too hot, the right shoes that I won’t be like, I won’t have wet feet.

Ste (03:43.861)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Snow is really cool, but it’s a bit problematic. I mean, there’s like so much stuff to, you know, take care of when there’s snow, especially after it melts and there’s that slush. I love snow, but I hate the slush. I don’t hate anything more than the slush. I mean, I love snow as much as I hate the slush that comes afterwards. And yeah, growing up in Bucharest, usually it was like that because you, you have like huge snow.

Adam (03:57.55)

Ste (04:13.777)
50 centimeters of snow and then it just melted away and you got this really like dirty slush Just a couple of weeks, you know in the spring and yeah, it was horrible Yeah, so I kind of like snow and you’ve been to Dragon’s Teal. How was that?

Adam (04:31.798)
Mm hmm.

Adam (04:39.038)
Yeah, that was, it was so much fun. It was, it reminded me of like anime conventions I used to go to in high school or something, like it was just like a bunch of super fans of, uh, Brandon Sanderson’s books and other, the other authors there, um, just two full days of talks, there were like four different rooms with panels going at, at a time, and there was a like huge game room with board games and, um,

like D&D going. And then there was like an interactive like LARP game, like a live action role playing game where you had to like seek out certain things in the convention center, which was, which kept it fun. Cause there were constantly people just walking around playing it.

Ste (05:27.21)
Okay, so kind of like a treasure hunt or something like that?

Adam (05:31.646)
Yeah, something like that. Like some of them were like, you have to talk to people and get these little tokens they called reality icons, um, from one of a Sanderson’s books. Uh, another one you had to like take photos of certain things or you had to, uh, scan certain QR codes that were hidden around. Um, so yeah, it was, it was a fun, like mini game.

Ste (05:55.665)
Wow, that sounds great. And I’ve seen like the conference rooms were huge. I didn’t expect that from, I mean, I read that Sanderson has like an army of fans, which is like a very interesting phenomenon for us in the book world to witness, but you know.

There’s one thing to have book fans on the internet and there’s another thing to have a conference like a conference room as big as that one which I’m guessing was like filled with people.

Adam (06:31.703)
Yeah, it was packed by the, for at least a couple things, including like the final closing. Um, but yeah, like, yeah, it was, it was big enough that it had like a main stage, two screens and then like a football field back, there were three other screens with more seating behind that. See, it gave you kind of a good look at what was going on the main stage from anywhere, which I.

very much appreciated because I kind of, I watched the opening keynote at the front or the opening ceremony at the very front where I took the video of the song that they sang. And then I kind of hung out in the back after that.

Ste (07:08.894)

Ste (07:12.585)
Nice. Yeah, I really liked the video. I didn’t like quite understanding. I liked the singing. I tried to like get what they were singing about, but I’m guessing, you know, uh, it’s more like an internal universe kind of thing. You had to read the books, right? To get what it was about. Okay.

Adam (07:32.254)
Some of it, yeah, it kind of was joking between like book industry jokes, convention jokes, things specific to Sanderson and things specific to like Dragonsteel, the company itself. So yeah, it kind of was all over the place. I’m sure that they’ll like have a recording of it that they like present on the channel that probably has like the full

like subtitles along with it. Cause they played the subtitles on the screens, but as I was recording, I kept going back and forth from like the screen to the people. I probably should have just concentrated on the screens. You could actually see what they were singing.

Ste (08:16.826)
No, it was actually good. You caught the atmosphere, you know, the whole like spirit of the song. Yeah, but that was nice. I mean, I was amazed about the whole thing, reading the blog post, you know, the sheer like scale of it, I guess. I mean…

Adam (08:19.781)

Adam (08:26.439)

Adam (08:30.862)
Thank you.

Adam (08:35.798)
Yeah, it’s a.


Ste (08:40.465)
This is just like his books. That’s, it’s not like a book convention, like a fantasy convention. It’s just like the Brandon Sanderson convention. Yeah. What was your feel of the whole thing? Yeah.

Adam (08:53.054)
Yep. And

Adam (08:58.21)
One thing that really kind of surprised me is like, you know, I’ve, I’ve read like every Brennan Sanderson book, which is probably like 50 ish books. And I thought, you know, that would be like the minority, but that was like the minimum, like most of the, most of the talk, most of the talks that I went in were like, um, this is a spoiler talk. And when they say spoiler talk, they mean spoilers for 50 books, like

Ste (09:15.777)
Oh, that sounds scary.

Adam (09:26.654)
In other words, it’s open season for anything you want to mention across any Sanderson work. And so it’s not like this is spoilers for this book or this series. It’s this is spoilers for everything he’s ever written. And that’s how most of the talks were structured. So if you go in and you haven’t read everything, then there were probably a number of panels where you would have had to just turn right around unless you wanted to be spoiled.

Ste (09:40.009)
I’m going to go.

Adam (09:55.51)
So yeah, that’s good to know for anyone who’s thinking about going.

Ste (09:59.333)
Yeah, that’s crazy. I mean, expect it. Okay, that’s good. That’s good. I’m guessing, you know, I mean… I wouldn’t expect people to read that whole 15 bucks, but… Yeah. That’s… That’s a lot. Those are some dedicated fans. I mean… Yeah, I didn’t know he had so much. I mean…

Adam (10:03.362)
But they did a good job of announcing it.

Adam (10:24.19)
Yeah, and a lot of people in costume.

Ste (10:26.861)
Yeah, I’ve seen that they were huge on cosplay. Everyone was doing their eye and the costumes were amazing. So, yeah, the whole thing was pretty crazy. I haven’t seen something like the universe of an author, so well put together.

Adam (10:51.31)
Yeah. And they announced next year, like this conference was on a Monday and Tuesday because the book that the conference is based around that’s coming out, um, came out on Tuesday night at like, uh, or maybe it was Monday night at like, you know, Tuesday at 12 AM Eastern 10, 10 PM. Um, mountain time. So.

Ste (11:18.941)

Adam (11:20.066)
The conference was kind of around that release date and, uh, next year, when they do dragon steel, it’s going to be on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and they’re releasing the book on, I think Saturday at midnight. I’m not sure if it’s Friday night at midnight or Saturday night at midnight, but one of those two, um, because I guess now Sanderson has enough sway that he can, uh, release a book on a weekend. He doesn’t have to do it on the typical Tuesday schedule.

Ste (11:50.141)
Okay, oh I didn’t know about the Tuesday Central. What’s that? Is it like the usual time when they release books?

Adam (11:59.314)
Yeah, yeah. I think it’s the same for movies that are used to be the same for movies that were coming out on like DVD and like Blu-ray might still be like Tuesday’s kind of the release date for those the same way. Like Friday is normally the release date for in theater movies. You know, all of this has been changing as with COVID and other things, but.

Ste (12:11.393)

Ste (12:19.633)
Yeah, the whole like, yeah, landscape changing, I guess. But that’s, that’s interesting. What’s the, is there like, you know, like the reason, or is there an actual reason, maybe like how the industry like releases statements, that kind of stuff.

Adam (12:25.106)
Yeah. But, uh,

Adam (12:34.082)

Adam (12:40.182)
I, yeah, I don’t know. I feel like it’s been that way since before the internet. So it’s probably some like older reason than technology, or than like internet technology. Let’s see.

Ste (12:55.569)
Yeah, I don’t know. By the way, you’re getting blocked a little bit. I think it’s my connection that freezes. So in case I don’t answer, it’s that. Am I freezing up on your end? Probably not.

Adam (12:56.363)
Here, I can ask a…

Adam (13:10.474)
I think the video is freezing up, but I think it’s probably we’re still sending the video to our video processor, but it might not be showing up great for the two of us.

Ste (13:20.326)
Oh, okay, that’s good.

Ste (13:24.175)
and that’s fine.

Adam (13:27.786)
So according to a chat GPT, some of the reasons for Tuesday releases is because it allows publishers to get, take advantage of an entire week sales. It gives media coverage over the entire week. So news outlets, book reviewers, and everyone can review it for the weekend. And in the past, new books were typically shipped to bookstores on Mondays. This allowed the stores to have the books ready for sale on Tuesdays.

Ste (13:58.618)

Ste (14:02.405)
Sounds pretty solid, I mean, yeah.

Adam (14:03.131)
And I guess it’s just, and apparently it’s a US-specific thing too. So I guess in other countries it’s not so much a Tuesday thing.

Ste (14:12.813)
Yeah, I haven’t heard about that, but you know, it’s probably, I mean, it makes sense. At least in the old world, I guess it made sense. Or what they make the 2000s. Uh, where, yeah, they had to like promote it throughout the week. Well, maybe now in the like big publisher universe as well.

Adam (14:33.974)

Ste (14:36.849)
But yeah, that’s really interesting, you know, that it could be like interesting to cover the anticipation for from before when a book like this.

goes live when we implement discussions. I’m thinking that would be like really interesting to see. So for instance, you have the book and you know it’s gonna be released and you have discussions on that book pre-release. Maybe we can even do something special, you know, before. Don’t know.

exactly, but it would be nice to be like this celebratory moment and maybe we could do a feed item for books that just launched and we could like throw them in the feeds of all the people like Brandon Sanderson’s book just launched and it gets like pushed through everybody’s feed and we do it for like more popular books, maybe

Adam (15:41.443)

Adam (15:46.706)
Yeah, it’s, I think one of the things that I, I’m still like trying to figure out what, what direction we go is for the, the feed, how much of it is stuff that you follow being fed to you and how much of it is recommendations being fed to you. Cause right now we’re it’s like full out, like you follow these people and that’s what you get. So yeah, it’s like, how much do we go in that direction of, um, like recommendations?

Ste (16:05.027)

Ste (16:09.371)

Ste (16:16.625)
Mm-hmm. I think, I mean, yeah, exactly. Yeah. It’s a, it’s a balance. I mean, we could say like half and half or 60, 40 or 70, 30, but, uh, I’m guessing it could land anywhere. Uh, some people might prefer the recommendations to expand their network or their reach or their outlook.

Adam (16:17.994)
But to be to be determined, I think.

Ste (16:44.873)
Some people might prefer to keep it only to the people they’re following. I guess Twitter did that pretty well with the separation between the following and for you. So for you would have plenty of recommendations. Following I think it would be just like ads and people you follow.

Adam (16:54.828)

Ste (17:13.617)
So we could do that.

Adam (17:17.034)
Yeah, one way could be to have it where like when you’re setting up your feed, you select like what you want to see in it. And it’s like, I want to see activity from my follower from people I follow, reviews or ratings from people I follow, recommendations, or like activity on discussions. It’s almost like a, it’s like a customizer for your feed. And that’s what

Ste (17:33.062)

Ste (17:42.182)

Adam (17:42.962)
You could maybe like change that at any time, but yeah.

Ste (17:47.409)
Yeah, that would be actually great. And very few, maybe just Facebook has this, else you can opt out so you can customize your feed. So that would be really, really interesting. I mean, for these kinds of events, like a big author launches a book. I like to see it. I mean, even if I don’t follow the author, I’d like to see, I’ve always had this question. I’m going on.

book sites that cover releases, but I love to have that on hardcover when we have good data on what books are getting released this month and as they are released to be aware of those releases. I mean, it might not be books I even am interested in, but I don’t know, I kinda like seeing them being launched.

as a reader. I don’t know why. It makes me like happy a little bit that something is launched and it also like makes me curious about oh let’s see uh I guess the curiosity would be what are people actually writing about in 2023 even if it’s not like interesting to me but I don’t know what’s wrong so for instance I don’t read like young adults but I like looking at what young adult books are popular right now.

uh for some reason yeah I really like doing that although I’m probably not going to read the books but uh I really like seeing you know the topics I guess to

Ste (19:28.089)
Yeah, out of curiosity, I guess.

Adam (19:29.948)

Yeah, it’s, it’s kind of like looking at the like New York Times bestseller list. It’s, it’s like a snapshot of what kind of the current cultural zeitgeist is focused on and whether or not you’re focused on any particular thing in there. You’re usually able to see like some patterns in it, like, Oh, people are kind of really tending towards dystopian fiction this year or things like that.

Ste (19:54.425)
Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, really well put. I think that’s like actually it, but having those in the feet would be nice seeing those books as they launch, as they, as maybe people in my network discuss them, it would be like really interesting.

Adam (20:06.017)

Ste (20:18.669)
I also like them graphically. I think young author books have some of the best book covers and some of them go heavily into illustration so that’s like another reason I’m interested in the books themselves and yeah I end up reading the summary or the description as well and some of them are interesting. Maybe I should start reading a few. Might be like when I got into Cape…

Adam (20:18.816)

Adam (20:45.774)
Thanks for watching!

Ste (20:48.497)
K-drama, which I wouldn’t think would happen. But yeah, I don’t know. These kinds of things, I mean, yeah. I don’t know, how about you? Do you like K-drama?

Adam (20:52.09)
Oh, yeah.

Adam (21:05.314)
I do, at least the couple I’ve seen, like my wife watches more of them than I do, but I’ve watched a couple with her. And like, they’ve always been fun. You know, it could just be something like a dentist in a small town in Korea, and you’re like, oh, somehow this is entertaining.

Ste (21:07.177)
Thanks for watching!

Ste (21:14.362)

Ste (21:23.069)
I actually know that exact… I know that exact series and I freaking loved it. Yeah. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. They’re weirdly compelling, I don’t know why, but… See, this kind of thing, I never would have thought, you know, I’d… actually like this, but… Yeah.

Adam (21:34.85)

Ste (21:50.145)
the discovery part would be like really interesting and since they’re new books and they appear there I think they might be… there is that reason so this book is new, it’s just launched else you know it would have to be like kind of…

Here’s this book. Maybe you’d like it, but you know, it doesn’t have anything to do with your reading. If it’s like a newly launched book, could be, could be interesting.

Adam (22:22.534)
Yeah. And, and nowadays, even when a new book launches, it’s like, I, I need to finish the book I’m currently reading and then like finish up, like maybe I have something else that’s already super high priority before I even jump into the next one. So I, I’m always in awe of people who like, who read the books immediately when they launch, cause I feel like I’ve rarely done that, but.

Ste (22:45.753)
Yeah, yeah, we should have a badge for that. I mean, I think we actually might have, like, I think we talked about a badge about for people who read the book very, or was it a stat? I think it was a stat. Like you were among the fastest readers after the book came out or something like that. But

Adam (22:49.954)

Adam (23:06.194)
Oh yeah. We do have one of the things in the profile stats is like the book that like the number of pages you read per day was the most to complete it. So it’s whatever book you’ve read the fastest, which is, which is a neat stat. Yeah. I like that one. Like I looked at that one and I’m like, oh yeah.

Ste (23:19.737)
Yeah, exactly. Yeah. That’s a very good stack. Yeah. There should be. Uh-huh. Yeah. That’s pretty cool. I mean, we should definitely at the point where we’ll have badges, make a badge for, for the fast readers.

Adam (23:39.05)
Oh, and for the convention, I wore my new hardcover shirt. And it’s like a fabric, like quilted thing, not like a press on. So I don’t know how much it comes through, but it’s like. Yeah, so the place does.

Ste (23:44.409)
Oh, here we go! Ha ha ha! Wow, that’s nice! Ha ha!

Ste (23:53.941)
Oh wow! Oh yeah!

Ste (23:59.957)
Yeah, I think I can actually see some stuff in there. Okay. Yeah, that’s, that’s really neat. Oh, wow. Look at that. All right. We have t-shirts. Nice. Yeah. I mean, I’d love a hardcover t-shirt.

Adam (24:04.498)
Yeah, you can like see the threads. So this is like a demo, but I could make a couple more.

Ste (24:17.649)
That would be really nice. What did, like, did you talk to, like, any people about, did any people ask about our cover, or was it more like Brandon Sanderson talk?

Adam (24:28.183)

Adam (24:33.754)
Yeah, it was pretty much all Brandon Sanderson talk. I ended up not really feeling right to like self-promote. So I kind of just, just had fun geeking out with other people, but next year I’d consider getting a booth.

Ste (24:39.666)

Ste (24:45.345)
Yeah, well, that’s, yeah, definitely. That sounds good. How were the booths? I mean, were there like just places where people could advertise the stuff they were doing?

Adam (24:58.546)
It was, it was probably about 80 booths and about 50 of them were authors, like with promoting their books. Um, and then a lot of them were people just promoting other like goods that they produced, whether that’s dice or, uh, D and D figures or, um, some like, uh, other crafted things, crafted goods.

Ste (25:13.878)

Ste (25:17.56)
Okay, yeah.

Ste (25:22.289)
Yeah, I saw the Christmas decorations. Those were pretty good. So those were like people were selling, not just like, were like promoting.

Adam (25:27.099)
I love those.

Thanks for watching.

Adam (25:35.174)
Yeah, I think the Christmas ones were like in cooperation with like Dragonsteel, but most of them, but there were a lot of things that were like fan made creations for fun, like the, like the yarn, yarn characters, which are really cute.

Ste (25:53.157)
Yeah, I’ve seen those. It’s great.

Adam (26:00.347)
for today, I was thinking about want to do like a deep dive into the 2023 year in books, kind of where we’re at now, just both of us kind of looking over it and making a list of things we need to do from here on out.

Ste (26:16.232)

Yeah, definitely. I mean, there will be some spoilers for people who will see this, but I’m guessing when we publish it, by the time we publish it, they’re already gonna see it live. So let me share my screen over here.

Ste (26:45.678)
one sec.

Adam (26:45.87)
And I just pushed a couple of things this morning if you wanna pull in those changes.

Ste (26:51.133)
Okay, that’s perfect. Ah, actually I have to quit and reopen. I’ll just like quickly exit and rejoin and Or maybe do you want to share the screen but I haven’t pushed like the latest things

Adam (27:01.919)

Adam (27:06.242)
Yeah. Oh yeah, if there’s new things you haven’t pushed, then maybe it would be better to, or unless you want to push those, and I can just pull them on, pull them up.

Ste (27:16.761)
Yeah, let me actually do that.

Adam (27:22.158)
Thank you.

Ste (27:38.848)

Ste (27:43.057)
I can’t actually push them I’m on a new computer so this is not working open git log yeah something’s not working

Adam (28:00.414)
If you want to share your screen, I could help with the merge and everything.

Ste (28:05.461)
Yeah, let me just quit because I have to offer Google Chrome the share.

Adam (28:18.326)
Seems to happen to me every time I set up a new computer. It’s like the first time you share in Chrome, you have to go into settings and change that setting.

Ste (28:29.383)
Here we go, we’re back. Okay, that took less than 90 seconds. So entire screen, here we go. So we’ve got this over here and we’ve got this over here. And here we go. There’s like lots of stuff in here. I can quickly go over this page or should we not give people the spoilers?

Adam (28:56.958)
I think we could, but let’s first merge it in. That way you can get like all the changes at once. So.

Ste (29:03.391)
Okay, let’s do that. So seeing this, I’m trying to commit all of these changes and saying make sure you configure your username and username email in Git. So.

Adam (29:11.278)
So let’s see, make sure.

Adam (29:15.866)
Oh yeah, so I think if you, the way I usually do that is if you open up, like if you open up in code, the terminal in code and do like run code, and then till, or it’ll be just a code.

Ste (29:33.496)

Adam (29:44.318)
And then tilde, oh, code space, like, what is it like?

Ste (29:52.884)

Adam (29:54.442)
Yes, and then forward slash dot get config.

Ste (29:59.667)
like this.

Adam (30:00.448)

Ste (30:02.831)
Oh, here we go.

Adam (30:03.098)
Okay, so it’s empty. Okay. So it was kind of just a quick way to see. And then what I usually do is, like, if you add something like this at the beginning, I’m gonna

Adam (30:16.638)
Send it to you on Discord here.

Ste (30:21.137)
Okay, gotcha.

Adam (30:21.87)
And it’s kind of the same as what you could do from the command line, but this is just a simple way of doing it.

Ste (30:31.635)
Here we go.

Ste (30:36.816)
Okay, perfect. So save this.

Adam (30:39.454)

Ste (30:41.415)
And now, oh, OK. Oh, it’s actually working. So I’m just going to write changes to 2023. Don’t write commit messages like these people. I’m in a hurry. Year inbox page. OK. Oh, great. So I can sync. Oh, crap. What happened? Opened GitHub.

Adam (31:01.122)
No works. Cool.

Adam (31:18.896)

Ste (31:20.203)
I have diverged in the branches.

Adam (31:22.334)
Okay, so what I do is in the terminal, so if you run get status here, what’s it look like? It should probably say you are one commit behind and one commit, two commits each respectively. So what I do is run get pull space dash merge. Or for, or yeah, like.

Ste (31:47.279)
this. Oh, sorry.

Adam (31:51.742)
Yeah, or at least I thought that’s the command.

Adam (32:12.11)
Why am I thinking that’s what it is? Or just like, if you just run get pull, what does that do?

Ste (32:19.928)
Well, let’s see. Whoop.

Adam (32:22.554)
Okay, so I set that first config, like copy that line that git config pull.rebase false and run that locally. So what that’ll do is whenever you do a git pull now, it’s gonna use merge to merge your changes with the other one as opposed to rebase. So now if you just do a git pull, it should pull the changes, merge them and…

Ste (32:32.127)
this one.

Ste (32:44.723)

Adam (32:53.246)
So now there are parts that we both made the changes on. So now these will have to go through one by one.

Ste (32:53.436)
Okay, so I…

Ste (33:00.349)
Okay, so results in margin there. Is that how you usually do it? So…

Ste (33:13.416)

Ste (33:17.328)
So I made a couple of…

Adam (33:24.199)

Ste (33:24.287)
So the link has a class name, so I can copy it.

Adam (33:28.776)
Could you make this window a little bigger? Ha ha ha.

Ste (33:31.011)
Oh yeah, sure. Uh, wait. Sorry about that.

Adam (33:35.601)
Oh cool, yeah.

Ste (33:44.539)
So I think this has another class name. Just work here.

Adam (33:51.174)
Yeah, yeah, I made the entire section a link instead of having it be a div. That way, like if they clicked on kind of anywhere in the, in the author section, it would kind of go to the author page.

Ste (34:03.895)
Okay, gotcha, gotcha. Okay, I’m just gonna pick yours and if there’s anything, let’s see, what did I do? Okay, I just messed up with the style a bit. I’m gonna redo that. So, I’m gonna accept incoming and then there’s this one. Boom, boom, boom. For this, I’m gonna accept current. So, I just added the margin top. So, okay, this is good. Complete merge.

Adam (34:30.59)
And I just, yeah.

Ste (34:33.907)
Don’t pick merge. Okay, and here we go. We’ve got this one, resolve in merge editor. So what do we have here? We have shadow. I’m going to accept the incoming. What’s that?

Adam (34:48.502)
And you can accept parts of both if you want to by doing like accept combination that kind of combines both of them.

Ste (34:58.004)
Okay, that’s interesting. Let’s see. So this one…

Ste (35:07.999)
except the current for the next one. Let’s see what I did. So except combination. Now here, okay, this is what you meant. Okay. So this is.

Adam (35:21.482)
Nice, yeah. Oh, yeah, this one I want to show you once we get to that point, because I think it ended up looking really cool.

Ste (35:31.359)
Okay, I’m going to accept incoming and complete merge. Okay, here we go. So should we be, no, not yet. So I added a bit of padding here, complete merge. So this one, what I did.

Adam (35:56.258)
Oh, yeah, I changed how you pass text into the text component, so that you pass it in as children rather than as a string. That way, it allows us to have multiple paragraphs with the styling.

Ste (36:14.016)
Okay, perfect. Okay, so I’m just gonna do… So what did I do? Accept combination. Okay.

Ste (36:25.891)
okay and children okay just a little bit of styling that was it on my end so

Oh, okay, so this is…

Adam (36:40.672)

Ste (36:40.759)
Ah perfect, I did a little bit of text over here as well. You wanna go over it or should I just like accept incoming?

Adam (36:52.499)
Want to use your background color there? That.

Ste (36:55.339)
Oh yeah. How do I, like, should I edit it here?

Adam (36:58.998)
I think if you say… Yeah, I think if you accept incoming and then use that one…

Ste (37:06.389)
Accepting coming. OK.

Adam (37:08.31)
But now I have to undo it in the bottom. Oh yeah, there you go.

Ste (37:14.307)
incoming and then.

Ste (37:18.675)
Here we go, complete merge.

Adam (37:21.838)
Okay, cool.

Ste (37:24.735)
Okay, I was gonna put this at the end if that’s okay

Adam (37:30.092)
Mm-hmm. Yeah, yeah, I’m down for that.

Ste (37:33.559)
Yeah, let me, did I? Yeah, I overwritten the text, but we’ll just change it afterwards. I’m just gonna commit sync to changes because I have an end section and yeah, I was gonna put stuff in there.

Adam (37:50.547)
Nice. Yeah, I was on the fence about having that first anyway, so yeah, I like having that at the end.

Ste (37:55.864)
Yeah, it’s better.

There we go.


Adam (38:03.726)

Ste (38:06.56)
Okay, so now…

Adam (38:07.029)

Ste (38:11.279)
Oh, I also changed this image, but I’ll change it afterwards. So we’ve got this one. And then, boom, here we go. So all these sections.

Adam (38:23.306)
Nice. Yeah, yeah. That was the… I added that like a… yeah. I just added like a smoke 200, so it adds a little darkness around it. Kind of defines the area.

Ste (38:28.556)
Oh the background, okay.

Ste (38:36.863)
Yeah, that’s nice. Yeah, I’ll probably have to work on the flex over here. But yeah, so what I did is get the images inspired by each of these books. So the way I did is I looked up a summary.

Adam (38:40.266)

Adam (38:47.031)

Ste (38:55.987)
And based on the summary, I looked at a scene that might make sense from that book, and I generated an image based on that scene. And for some, I’m still looking at stuff that can be improved, but it’s already pretty nice, I’d say, with… Yeah.

Adam (39:17.187)
Yeah, that’s very cool. Oh, nice.

Adam (39:26.212)
And yeah.

Ste (39:30.527)

Adam (39:32.247)

Adam (39:37.433)

Ste (39:40.803)
Yeah, so all of these…

So basically, yeah, this is up to the point where I made it. I still have a couple of sections left. Oh, and we also have prompts now. Okay, that’s perfect.

Adam (39:57.942)

Ste (39:58.211)
Nice, so not long to go, we’re almost done with this page. I think it’s been a huge effort, but soon it will be ready for publishing. So, go back to.

Adam (40:21.55)
Thank you.

Ste (40:22.584)
I was going to ask when do you think we should publish this?

Adam (40:28.182)
I’m thinking the day after Christmas. Yeah, either that or we do it on Christmas.

Ste (40:30.371)
The after Christmas? I’m not sure. Okay, but wouldn’t that be… I mean… My worry is that we won’t have enough time and people would be like already in holiday mode by then. I’ve seen like… when does letterbox do it? Because that might be like a good indication of when. The first of the year. Okay.

Adam (40:45.858)

Adam (40:54.766)
They do it on the first of the year. Because they do it after kind of all the stats are in for the like December. We’re kind of doing it early. So we’re kind of assuming that things won’t change too much between when we publish this and like the end of the year. But yeah.

Ste (41:11.759)
Mm-hmm. Yeah, well, they probably won’t. At least for… we can put a note on the December Most red Which is Iron Flame

Adam (41:26.175)
Yeah. Or it’s, that’s kind of a placeholder, but I just copied November.

Ste (41:31.059)
Oh, okay, gotcha, yeah. That’s good because I was struggling to generate two images that would be about that book and would make sense. So I made a little academia at Dragon University over here and then I got Dragon in battle mode with the main character riding it. So.

Adam (41:51.642)

Adam (41:56.386)

Ste (41:57.891)
Yeah, that would be good from my point of view. So I guess like what’s left to do now, apart from a couple of tweaks, I also made it mobile friendly, so it should be pretty good for mobile as well.

Adam (42:15.238)
Uh-uh. Nice, nice.

Ste (42:22.511)
I guess now what would be left to do is validate these pictures so you know they’re kind of like in tune with the actual books so you know there’s…

a pretty accurate depiction of a scene in the book.

Adam (42:44.843)

Maybe, yeah, once we’re to a comfortable point, we could probably share that with the librarian channel and have them be kind of the first look at this and see if they think that these images accurately reflect scenes from each book.

Ste (42:55.023)

Ste (43:03.003)
Yeah, yeah, that’d be great because that’s what we want to like express What’s the book the most uh read or the top book Yeah, a scene from the top book and Show people how that looks like because it looks pretty I mean this is

Adam (43:29.486)
Thanks for watching!

Ste (43:32.191)
This is really nice. I still have. I did a lot of variations for Yumi and the Nightmare Painter. I’m still working on a couple of versions. I was trying to get them in this, like, yeah, another setup. And I’m not happy with some of the details, but we’ll get there.

Adam (43:40.392)
Oh yeah.

Adam (44:04.778)
Yeah. Some of these, some of these I think will be tricky to get like an accurate, like, character representation.

Ste (44:14.583)
Yeah, I mean…

Adam (44:15.234)
But I think getting them past like kind of a pass with the librarians will help with that for sure. Like they’ll probably find little things like, oh, this character doesn’t wear this kind of clothing or this character, you know, has this color hair. And then we can tweak things from there.

Ste (44:23.116)

Ste (44:32.979)
Mm-hmm. Yeah, exactly. That’s like, that’s gonna be, I mean, for some it would probably be an approximation for For here, for example, I tried to make this jacket red from the prompt as best I could but it would only for some reason give me a green pirate jacket because

I looked at some of the fan art and the jacket was red. So I wanted to make it red, but no matter how much I tried to make the freaking jackets red or bright red, or it just ended up like this. Yeah.

Adam (45:18.21)
There were a lot of people dressed up as Tress at, uh, Giant Steel.

Ste (45:22.391)
Really? Okay, we have a picture of one of them might be like really useful for the prompts.

Adam (45:32.674)
Yeah, I’m sure I could find one.

Ste (45:35.671)
Yeah, just for us to know how to actually describe the clothing because, you know, since it’s books, we rely on the visual description. So.

Adam (45:48.57)
I had a couple of notes section, a couple of notes on sections. I was curious to see what you thought of. Do you want me to share my screen or do you want to keep sharing yours? Let me let me pull in your changes real quick.

Ste (45:56.279)
Yeah, yeah, let’s go for them, yeah.

Yeah, yeah.

Adam (46:10.67)

Adam (46:19.502)
Okay, refresh.

Probably doesn’t need to be an intact page.

putting this on my large monitor kind of makes it probably even bigger than the average person would look at it. So this is a slightly slimmed down version. So yeah, some of the areas I had notes on.

Ste (46:36.699)

Adam (46:51.166)
I was thinking, I’ll wait for the ambulance for, uh, for this section, one thing I was thinking is like, you know, there’s a lot of lower space down here and I really like how, like, once we get into these sections, it’s like very centered. I was wondering about how he can make these sections feel more like that where it’s like, it’s taking up like the middle part of the page rather than like the top part of the page.

Ste (47:03.932)

Ste (47:10.899)

Ste (47:21.023)
Mm-hmm. Yeah with these I think like the effect we went for at first was to have that background image

as a background image with the logo and navigation up top. So we could actually make the container centered and make that image. I think we also had some designs similar to this, make that image with more padding up top and on the side. So it’s central, like those sections in the bottom. So it would be like exactly the same, but it would have more padding up top.

it would be centered so that it kind of detaches it because right now the idea is that the top image would be like a cover image. Or we could make the top image literally like half of the screen, but I think it would take a bit too much of the space. It would be a little bit overwhelming.

Adam (48:28.41)
Yeah, I think, yeah, I feel like having it only almost show up almost like a slide in the middle. It could, because then we could kind of shrink everything down.

Ste (48:38.373)

Ste (48:42.523)
Yeah, we had some designs in Figma that were pretty similar. So it would basically be…

Adam (48:48.2)
Yeah, yeah.

Ste (48:56.367)
if you quickly want to jump if you might and I can show you what I had in mind. So

Adam (48:59.435)

Adam (49:05.247)
I have a…

Adam (49:14.506)
This here is…

Ste (49:19.527)
Yeah, so imagine like this is it. And I think it also will be nicer because the, we can make the container for the review and the title a bit narrower. I think now it’s kind of spans a bit too much, you know, left and right.

Adam (49:40.578)
Well, yeah, I’m

Ste (49:45.335)
So we can just do this or we can even, you know, oh yeah, here we go. You’re already doing it, yeah.

Adam (49:56.807)
Yeah. I think I like that more than this. I think also the area around here kind of makes it easier to focus on the book as opposed to here where it feels like I’m on the book page again. Yeah, I like it.

Ste (49:56.807)
What do you think?

Ste (50:09.768)

Ste (50:14.46)

Ste (50:19.459)
Yeah, on the book page it works because there’s a lot going on underneath and the cover is just the narrow, you know, slither of…

an image up top and then there’s like what’s like interesting. Over here if we make it have the screen to fill up the space at the bottom, well it’s not gonna be like this on most screens. On most screens it’s probably gonna cut right, I mean on my laptop it cuts right underneath the review. So yeah.

Adam (51:01.523)
Yeah, I think I definitely like this direction. And.

Ste (51:06.903)
Nice. I can do some styling for the sections that use that and make it more like that and centered because the sections with the images left and right those really look good on any screen.

Adam (51:26.246)
Oh yeah. Yeah. I’ve, I’ve really liked, yeah. These, uh, these sections.

Adam (51:35.17)
Um, cool. Any.

Ste (51:36.015)
Yeah, we should make the yeah.

Adam (51:40.302)
I was gonna say one of the things that I, I like this little like some like definition for the other text, but I wonder if that might look out of place on these ones, but, cause yeah, it would kind of have to go over. Yeah, like cause these kind of blend into each other. So you couldn’t do that. And if you did it across the entire thing, then if this…

Ste (52:08.275)
I could be like, yes.

Ste (52:12.751)
so that it’s boxed. I mean for the book sections I didn’t mind that they were not boxed. I mean it’s good that some sections can be… I think this needs to be like even… yeah.

Ste (52:42.215)
Yeah, it’s not looking too bad. This can be.

Ste (52:53.063)
But… Yeah, I don’t know.

Adam (52:55.774)
If you deselected on yours, let me see.

Ste (52:59.019)
Oh yeah, no, I deselected it. Oh, who’s guy selected? What’s happening? Oh, okay.

Adam (53:03.062)
Maybe I’m, oh, I have it selected, there you go. Oh yeah, I see.


Ste (53:10.487)
Yeah, it creates some weird space, you know, around here, around here. That’s the problem because this is kind of like a tricky layout. So it would need, you know, to balance out the space, it would need probably like some padding to just make it even across. Or could be just like this.

Still there are some areas, see over here and over here where it’s weird if it’s in the box. So maybe even if you know you’ve got the… There are… what I did on mobile is that this cover jumps…

Ste (54:04.367)
in the center so that it’s like this you’ve got this in the center you’ve got this you’ve got this and then you’ve got the so that definitely would work better but the review is the one that needs to be left aligned so it needs a bit more space and it would have like a smaller

Adam (54:14.159)
Oh yeah.

Adam (54:31.986)
Yeah, I think.

Ste (54:32.703)
Or we could do… Yeah.

Adam (54:35.634)
Or what about like doing like this and then…

I’m just playing with like, what if it was enclosing both of them like that.

Ste (54:51.247)
Yeah, that’s not bad. Yeah. Yeah, see that actually looks good. I mean… The box, I’m okay with it. I used to do this, you remember, you know, at first when we designed stuff, I always put stuff in boxes, but… I think… Moving… I don’t know, at some point we started moving away from that.

but this looks good. It gives it a bit more structure.

Adam (55:23.146)
Yeah. Like if I was to compare that and this, it, yeah, it feels, it feels like much more defined, like, especially since these are going to be scrolling through and like, you know, we’ll be kind of going through them, like slides in a deck. This, this feels more like a slide in a deck.

Ste (55:43.396)

Adam (55:46.968)

Ste (55:47.171)
Yeah, that’s gonna, I mean, we’ll have to see how it looks on.

Ste (55:56.835)
the wider the regular sorry laptop resolutions because

Adam (56:03.763)
Yeah, true.

Ste (56:05.759)
I’m guessing that would… What I’m worried is that now the height, for instance, on most laptops, sometimes it even cuts the review, so you don’t have that space at the bottom, only on big screens. This would make it significantly, I think…

the height here is equal almost to, so it’s almost a square, so we’d have to center it on the screen. So I’d say maybe duplicate the layout, see how it looks like, because it might not on regular screens, I mean, most screens which people are likely to view it on, it might not look so good as it does here. It might just like be a square that’s squished from top and bottom.

Adam (56:57.73)

Ste (57:01.211)
That’s my worry.

Adam (57:01.662)
Yeah. And we could make the cover a different size in different screens if that helps to. Or.

Ste (57:11.331)
It might. I’m thinking that the review is usually the one that pushes the layout. But it looks way different from experience when styling these, you know, in code it’s like really different than how they feel in Figma.

Adam (57:18.062)

Ste (57:35.671)
I’d say maybe just duplicate one of the layouts or redo one of the single book layouts, see how it looks like, and then if it works, change all of them. I kind of like the cover for those. It kind of puts a different feel to the page. But yeah, I also like the one that fades in, even though…

Adam (57:35.719)

Adam (57:49.887)

Adam (58:01.146)
Oh, okay, cut out there.

Ste (58:03.639)
Oops, sorry, I think I got a bit cut off.

Adam (58:06.027)
Yeah, we’re back.

Adam (58:11.882)
Yeah. Cool.

Ste (58:13.959)
Yeah, the ones with lots of space around them look good. And I have to see how I can make this full screen height so that it doesn’t stack up top, the intro header.

Adam (58:32.214)

Ste (58:34.199)
Yeah, what else was there?

Adam (58:35.278)

Adam (58:39.214)
Um, let’s see. So one, one thought I had was, uh, for each section, we’re kind of choosing like a single color. Um, I was thinking, what about using two colors and a gradient between them that are like really close to each other. Like, like, uh, you know, 95% similar and doing like a diagonal gradient or something like that.

Ste (58:58.969)

Ste (59:03.132)
Yeah, of course.

Ste (59:09.507)
Yeah, so basically we’d have first color, second color. So we wouldn’t just set one color, we’d set two colors. Yeah, if that’s, I mean.

Adam (59:19.286)

Ste (59:20.963)
definitely I think gradient would be nice and I’m a fan of those. There’s an account I follow that does these Japanese gradients so they’re like woodblock gradients which are like the most color coordinate things ever and they source the gradients from those so

On some sections, especially the ones with big images, the ones with the left-right layout, a gradient would look very nice.

Adam (59:59.454)
and kind of in that same idea about adding like a, I think I added it here like a shadow on one or both of these elements.

Ste (01:00:14.195)
Yeah, on both works, a shadow works. We should also make the images just like half and half. So they, so it’s square images instead of what it is now. So they’re more like this. But yeah, we’ll definitely do that.

Adam (01:00:26.943)
Oh yeah.

Ste (01:00:37.863)
Yeah, the layouts are amazing. So this with the gradients.

Adam (01:00:46.782)
Um, let’s see what else. Um, um, sometimes it like doesn’t load all of the sections for some reason. I’ve noticed this in, in development mode and I’m not exactly sure why it’s like a, it feels like a next JS problem. Cause like it should be showing all the authors here, but it’s only showing one. Have you had that problem?

Ste (01:01:10.383)
Yeah, I know. Yes, I didn’t know what was happening and I was afraid to ask, but I assumed it was like a loading problem. There’s also one other weird thing I haven’t gotten to the bottom of, and that was, I mean, maybe you will have an easier job than I would. There is a weird…

Adam (01:01:13.307)


Ste (01:01:37.043)
thing happening where there’s another div. See, there’s that sidebar on the side. That sidebar shouldn’t be there. I couldn’t find where, yeah, see, there’s, yeah, this thing that I’m assuming is another wrapper that wraps the whole thing that gets added.

Adam (01:01:44.226)
You mean like how this one, this div?

Ste (01:02:03.647)
and it might be like an H full height kind of thing. So we have this window that scrolls the sections and snaps, but on top of that, or like, yeah, in closing that, we have another apparently another section that generates that sidebar. And yeah, I couldn’t find that one.

Adam (01:02:04.768)

Adam (01:02:23.676)

Oh, nice. I was going to say I was like, if I space barred or page down, it didn’t work. But looks like you’ve already fixed that.

Ste (01:02:34.519)
Oh yeah, yeah. I’ve managed to fix one sidebar, but not the other. I…

Adam (01:02:36.503)
There you go.

Ste (01:02:42.011)
don’t know where it’s coming from, I think. The HTML has a, actual like HTML has a h full, like full height class name to it, and that’s what might be triggering it, but I couldn’t find where that comes from. So yeah, maybe you’ll be lucky here. I mean, I’ll have a look into it, but yeah, that’s the only thing.

Adam (01:02:43.438)

Adam (01:03:05.727)
Yeah, I can look into that one.

Ste (01:03:08.167)

Ste (01:03:11.675)
must be a wrapper or some kind that’s coming in. There’s also this weird flickering for some sections after there’s like a longer section, like this one, like most bookmark lists. So if you go at the bottom after this, maybe it’s just me. I haven’t seen it’s flicker on your screen.

Adam (01:03:16.331)

Adam (01:03:38.766)

Ste (01:03:40.615)
Maybe it’s not stickering anymore.

Adam (01:03:43.166)
What was happening? Like, is it a background?

Ste (01:03:45.071)
It was just flickering the lists when I scrolled to one of the sections at the bottom. Yeah. So when I did this, it just like flickered the lists for half, like one 10th of a second. But yeah, no, it’s good now. Yeah. Uh, I fixed it. We fixed it. Perfect.

Adam (01:03:58.702)

Cool. Yeah. Take credit. You fixed it.

Adam (01:04:15.23)
Yeah, I think, I think how we handle one of the other questions I had was how we handle these sections where it’s like, it’s a scroll, but it’s, it’s working. Like you can scroll within it. And then when you’re done, it snaps to the next one, which is really cool.

Ste (01:04:27.742)
Oh yeah.

Ste (01:04:31.472)
Yeah, it’s actually like instead of putting it as a full height section, you set it as a minimum full height, so it’s at minimum full height, but if it needs to scroll, it just scrolls. So, yeah, it was just like a small fix.

Adam (01:04:42.324)

Adam (01:04:49.774)
Nice. Wow. Yeah. That’s like best case for sure.

Ste (01:04:55.693)
Yeah, scroll snap is really nice and intuitive once, you know.

Adam (01:05:02.178)
Oh, okay, I have one other thing. So for each of these, pretty much every section we have, whether that’s most read in a month or anywhere else, we have a list that corresponds with this that we could link to. So for each of these, if we wanted to, we could have a link to the list, but I’m wondering how we should link to that. Like we could make this a link, or we could add like an icon, or…

Ste (01:05:24.999)

Adam (01:05:32.784)

Ste (01:05:32.787)
Maybe the icon. I mean, we don’t want people navigating away from this page necessarily, or making like missed apps on mobile or that kind of thing as they’re scrolling. So maybe just an icon and make it like not that maybe 50% opacity. Is there like any SEO or any like…

Other advantage, if we place that link there.

Adam (01:06:04.142)
Um, no, I think, I think it’s mostly just for usability. Like if people want to, um, you know, if like they want to go to this list of most read books from any year read in 2023, like how they, how they get there, just, uh, just providing them a way to get there.

Ste (01:06:22.551)
Yeah. Let’s put like a small icon just to link people to there, maybe. Or put a link on the whole thing, but without the underline. That could work too.

Adam (01:06:43.315)

Ste (01:06:44.427)
And we should also maybe have for each of these sections a share button. I know people in the Discord mentioned they’d like a share button on some pages where…

I’m guessing some people prefer that to actually copying the link, just having the share button over there. And I’m guessing from a usability standpoint, we want people to share it and remind them that they can share it from any point in the whole…

Adam (01:07:23.474)
Yeah, should we just make it like a thing up here to share? And then.

Ste (01:07:30.299)
Yeah, maybe. Yeah.

Adam (01:07:30.987)
and be like…

Adam (01:07:35.669)

Ste (01:07:36.219)
Yeah, it would be nice to have the anchor for the section as well. So when you share and you’re on a… I wanted to see if I can make the actual URL change the anchor link as you scroll. That would be like really good.

Adam (01:08:00.582)
I was actually thinking about that and I think we shouldn’t do that. Actually, I think we should encourage people to always link to the front. That way they, it’s kind of like, like people could get a link and share it to a specific section. But I think the kind of the default way of sharing and the default way of like linking to the page should be linking to the top.

Ste (01:08:04.444)

Ste (01:08:09.579)

Ste (01:08:24.299)
Okay, that makes sense. We want them to have the full experience. Yeah, I noticed that their box did this so the URL changed for each section. So I thought maybe that’s a thing. But yeah, now that you’re saying it’s better to have them go through the whole thing. I mean, it’s not, it’s enjoyable. It’s not like that long. They can browse like if they…

Adam (01:08:33.87)

Adam (01:08:47.062)

Ste (01:08:48.819)
go really fast they can do it in two minutes if they like to take their time they can do it in ten minutes so it’s not like that much

Adam (01:08:52.142)

Adam (01:08:58.594)
And I love that every book cover on here is like interactive with a description and a book button.

Ste (01:09:05.859)
Yeah, that’s amazing and this is going to be very nice for browsing for books to read, especially on such like a wide spectrum of everything.

Adam (01:09:17.392)

Adam (01:09:25.186)
Let’s see, I think that’s everything I had. Yeah, I think the only other thing for me is like adding the other couple sections that we’re still finalizing, but kind of like common tropes from the year, things like that. And then what books people are looking forward to in 2024. But I think all of those will be pretty straightforward.



Ste (01:09:58.919)
Yeah, wait, I think you got cut off. So if you asked something, I didn’t hear it.

Adam (01:10:02.426)
Oh, oh, I was just saying, yeah, I think I only have a couple of last things to figure out, which are like the couple sections we haven’t added yet for, um, like common book tropes and 2024 books. But.

Ste (01:10:12.027)

Yeah, that’s perfect. I’ll finish up with all the images I think tomorrow. So we can, if you add those sections in, I can pull it and add the first like just for each one as well and then we can share it with the librarians and get it checked.

Adam (01:10:38.942)
Yeah, sounds good to me.

Ste (01:10:42.279)
Perfect. Yeah. Yeah, this is

Adam (01:10:42.45)
Well, this is it’s coming along.

Ste (01:10:48.467)
Thank you, your.

Adam (01:10:52.366)
I think, uh, yeah, even adding like more reviews is going to help it too. Cause the reviews that are in there really, yeah, they really like personalize it in a, in a way I wasn’t expecting. So I’m very happy with that, with those.

Ste (01:10:54.586)

Ste (01:11:05.483)
Mm-hmm. Yeah, yeah. There are some nice reviews and I love that there are some like reviews that are really similar to how people review films on layerbox.

Adam (01:11:18.598)
and get

Ste (01:11:21.139)
It’s gonna be like really fun and I’m hoping whoever gets Featured on this page will share it because this is their review. It might be like a nice surprise for people to See their review on there. So I’m hoping they will Share it and you know actually be surprised

Adam (01:11:42.77)
Yeah. Cool. Well…

Ste (01:11:44.955)
Nice. Yeah, this is coming along really nicely. It’s gonna be, I mean, it’s gonna be the most fun, I think.

Adam (01:11:53.418)
Yeah. It’s

Ste (01:11:55.949)
like the whole sum up.

Adam (01:11:59.115)
Yeah, I can’t wait to see what people think. Cool. Well, I’m going to go continue working on those things we talked about and yeah, we can see where we are next week.

Ste (01:12:02.675)
Yeah, nice. Wow.

Ste (01:12:15.707)
Yeah, that’s perfect. I’ll put them in tomorrow and yeah, we’ll go according to plan. Perfect. Awesome. Well, thanks everybody. Thanks for the session Adam. And yeah, talk next week. See ya. Bye bye.

Adam (01:12:20.61)
Sounds good. Well.

Adam (01:12:29.39)
Yeah. Talk to you later.

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