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#32 – Librarian Tools

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In this conversation, Adam and Jeff discuss Jeff’s reading habits, including his use of audiobooks and Kindle text-to-speech. They also talk about the challenges of reviewing advanced reader copies and avoiding spoilers. Jeff shares his insights on librarian tools and the importance of adding genres and other book data. They discuss the potential for scaling up librarian roles and the impact on authors and publishers. The conversation concludes with a rapid-fire question segment. In this conversation, Jeff discusses his book recommendations and his ideal reading atmosphere.


Using audiobooks and Kindle text-to-speech can be a convenient way to read while doing other activities.
Reviewing advanced reader copies requires careful consideration of spoilers and the responsibility to add missing book data.
Librarian tools play a crucial role in managing book data and ensuring accuracy.
Adding genres, moods, and tags to books is an important task for librarians to improve book data.
Authors and publishers can have a significant impact on book data by providing accurate information and claiming their profiles. Jeff doesn’t have a set book recommendation, but he often recommends author Jeremy Robinson for sci-fi readers.
The Hunger trilogy by Jeremy Robinson is a good entry point for sci-fi readers.
Jeff’s ideal reading atmosphere would be on an island in the South Pacific, near the Pacific Ocean.


00:00 Introduction and Introducing Jeff
01:08 Jeff’s Reading Habits
03:00 Listening to Audiobooks
04:21 Speed of Audiobook Narration
05:48 Using Kindle Text-to-Speech
07:04 Reading Advanced Reader Copies
09:28 Publishing ARCs and Spoilers
11:50 Avoiding Spoilers in Reviews
13:37 Reviewing Books at Different Speeds
16:21 Librarian Tools and Adding Books
20:59 Librarian Roles and Verifying User-Added Books
23:57 Challenges of User-Added Books and Duplicate Data
26:13 Scaling Up Librarian Tools
28:18 Managing Merging and Splitting Books
30:04 Improving Book Data and Adding Genres
36:27 Impacting Authors and Publishers
39:05 Urgent Needs in Librarian Tools
43:55 Improving Genres, Moods, and Tags
47:08 Authors and Publishers Impacting Book Data
50:44 Rapid Fire Questions
51:53 Book Recommendations
52:49 Recommended Jeremy Robinson Book
54:02 Ideal Reading Atmosphere

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