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#35 – Reading Journal

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This episode will be recorded on Wednesday, January 31, 2024 at 12pm PST. We’ll be covering one of the features we have planned, the Reading Journey.

This is a precursor to Discussions and will allow you to post notes as you’re reading a book, and highlight quotes you liked and things that stood out while you were reading. Adam and Ste will design it live, so you can get a glimpse into what’s going on backstage at Hardcover.


In this conversation, Adam and Ste discuss their experiences at the Sundance Film Festival and share their thoughts on the TV series Fargo. They also talk about the Hardcover survey and the upcoming Reading Journey feature. They brainstorm different post types for the reading journal, including notes, quotes, and location. They discuss privacy settings and the possibility of making the reading journal social. Finally, they explore the organization and discovery of reading journals. In this conversation, Ste and Adam discuss the implementation of journals on book pages in the Hardcover app. They explore the idea of replacing the activity tab on book pages with journals and discuss the sorting and filtering options for journals. They also consider linking journals to book pages and implementing universal filters for journals. The conversation covers the addition of context and additional information in journals, as well as the efficient logging of reading notes. They also touch on OCR text from physical books, reposting journal entries to the activity feed, and the importance of validation and prototyping. Finally, they discuss the attribution of quotes in journals.


The Sundance Film Festival is a popular event for independent filmmakers and movie enthusiasts.
The Hardcover survey is an important tool for gathering feedback and insights from users.
The Reading Journey feature in Hardcover will allow users to track their progress, take notes, and share their thoughts on books.
Privacy settings will be available for the reading journal, allowing users to control who can see their entries.
The reading journal can be a social feature, allowing users to share their thoughts and quotes with others. Replace the activity tab on book pages with journals to provide a space for readers to share their thoughts and opinions on books.
Implement sorting and filtering options for journals, such as sorting by date or likes count, to enhance the user experience.
Link journals to book pages to allow readers to access and read other people’s journals for the same book.
Consider implementing universal filters for journals, such as filters for tags, spoilers, and reading progress, to provide users with more control over their journal entries.

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