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#37 – State of Hardcover results

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The results are in! Today we’re talking about what the readers have been telling us in our latest Hardcover survey. Tune in at 8PM GMT and join Adam and Ste for another Hardcover Live.


In this conversation, Adam and Ste discuss their personal updates, including recent trips and work progress. They talk about the challenges of being sick while traveling and the excitement of upcoming trips. They also discuss bug fixes and time management in their work on Hardcover. The conversation then shifts to the integration with Discord and the potential for automations. They review the results of the State of Hardcover survey, focusing on the importance of personalized recommendations and decision-making in choosing the next book to read. Finally, they discuss future features, including the possibility of a dashboard on Hardcover. The conversation covers various topics related to the state of Hardcover, including the dashboard and user feedback, better book recommendations, being notified of upcoming book releases, advanced stats and graphs, smart lists based on saved filters, user interface improvements, bugs and issues, a native iOS app, and more community-focused features. The main focus is on improving the user experience, enhancing book discovery, and addressing user feedback and requests.


Being sick while traveling can be challenging and prevent relaxation.
Automations can improve user experience and save time in managing a community.
Personalized recommendations and decision-making are important factors in choosing the next book to read.
A dashboard feature on Hardcover could provide better access to desired parts of the site and a sense of control over data. Hardcover is considering adding a dashboard and is seeking user feedback to determine what should be included.
Improving book recommendations, including genre-specific recommendations, is a priority for Hardcover.
Users are interested in being notified of upcoming book releases, and Hardcover is exploring ways to provide accurate and timely release information.
Advanced stats and graphs are being considered to provide users with more detailed insights into their reading habits.
Smart lists based on saved filters would allow users to easily discover books that match specific criteria.
User interface improvements, bug fixes, and a native iOS app are in the works to enhance the overall user experience.
Hardcover is exploring the possibility of adding more community-focused features, such as discussions and comments.
Book discovery is a key area of focus, with plans to improve recommendations, similar books, and social book features.

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