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#38 – The New & Improved List page

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The conversation focuses on improving the list page on Hardcover. The hosts discuss the results from the State of Hardcover survey and identify easy wins based on user feedback. They emphasize the importance of the list page and its presence throughout the site. The conversation explores different views for lists and the options for sorting and filtering. The hosts review the current design in Figma and discuss the reuse of list design across the site. They consider a collapsible sidebar for filters and sorting, as well as options for columns in table view. The conversation concludes with a discussion on draggable columns and adding/removing columns. In this conversation, Ste and Adam discuss various improvements to the user interface of the list feature on Hardcover. They explore options for reordering columns, adding reasons for book additions, and setting a default view for shared lists. They also plan to create a better table view and refactor the existing table view code. The conversation concludes with a target release date for the new features.


The list page is a crucial feature on Hardcover and needs improvement based on user feedback.
Easy wins identified from the State of Hardcover survey can be implemented to enhance the user experience.
Different views, such as shelf view, card view, and table view, should be considered for displaying lists.
Filters and sorting options should be integrated into the list page design, with a collapsible sidebar as a potential solution.
Customizable columns in table view can provide users with flexibility and control over their reading lists. Direct controls should be added to improve the user interface of the list feature.
Reordering columns and adding reasons for book additions are important functionalities to consider.
A default view for shared lists can enhance the user experience.
Refactoring the table view and creating a better table view will improve the overall design and functionality of the feature.


00:00 Introduction and Current Projects
01:03 Results from the State of Hardcover Survey
03:22 The Importance of the List Page
04:18 Lists Throughout the Site
05:11 Reimagining the List Page
06:14 Bulk Editing and Filtering Lists
08:22 Different Views for Lists
09:14 Options for Sorting and Filtering
10:26 Considerations for Different Views
11:27 Exploring Different List Views
12:24 Simplifying the View Options
13:43 Reviewing the Current Design in Figma
14:58 Reuse of List Design Across the Site
15:43 Integration of Filters and Sorting
18:09 Collapsible Sidebar for Filters and Sorting
20:26 Considerations for Columns in Table View
22:03 Collapsible Sidebar for Columns
23:28 Reordering and Customizing Columns
25:18 Simplifying Column Options
26:28 Bulk Editing and Customizing Columns
29:02 Draggable Columns and Adding/Removing Columns
30:56 Improving the User Interface
33:03 Reordering Columns
36:23 Adding Reasons for Book Additions
38:08 Default View for Shared Lists
42:07 Creating a Better Table View
46:11 Refactoring the Table View
50:07 Setting Default View for Lists
53:39 Designing the Default View
55:02 Finalizing the Feature
56:08 Target Release Date

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