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#40 – Table, Card and Shelf view

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In this conversation, Adam and Ste discuss recent events in their neighborhood, including a shooting and stabbing incident. They then move on to discuss updates on Car Cover, including the ability to edit authors and set author avatars. They also discuss the upcoming list page updates, including the table view and column customization. They explore the possibility of adding a popularity chart to show the popularity of books over time. The conversation methodically discussed and designed the charting functionality, explored the concept of popularity charts, and brainstormed the bulk editing functionality. The team also discussed and refined the design of the bulk editing interface, including the placement of buttons and the selection process. They further discussed the rating bulk editing and finalized the design of the table view. The conversation concluded with considerations for the card view design.


Charting functionality can be implemented to show the popularity of books over time.
Bulk editing functionality should allow users to select multiple books and edit various attributes such as rating, status, and tags.
The bulk editing interface can include checkboxes for selection and dropdown menus for different editing options.
The table view design should provide a clear and user-friendly way to perform bulk editing.


00:00 Introduction and Unexpected Event
05:04 Updates on Car Cover
11:44 List Page Updates
15:12 Table View and Column Customization
33:45 Discussion on charting functionality
36:02 Exploring the concept of popularity charts
38:24 Bulk editing functionality
44:29 Designing the bulk editing interface
52:04 Refining the bulk editing interface
58:02 Discussion on rating bulk editing
01:03:38 Finalizing the table view design
01:05:10 Considerations for the card view design

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