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#41 – List Progress

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In this conversation, Adam and Ste discuss various topics including their upcoming trip to Korea, the progress of open sourcing Hardcover, and the new design for the list page. They also talk about bulk editing and filters, as well as sorting and pagination options. Overall, they are excited about the future developments of Hardcover and the improvements it will bring to the user experience. In this conversation, Adam and Ste discuss various design decisions for the hardcover app. They debate between pagination and infinite scrolling, ultimately deciding to go with infinite scrolling for a smoother user experience. They also discuss the idea of different views for different list types and the possibility of animating the transition between views. They consider the option of uniform cover sizes and the potential of making the match percentage feature a supporter-only feature. Finally, they plan to design the card view and gather feedback from the community.


Infinite scrolling is preferred over pagination for a smoother user experience.
Different list types may require different views to display relevant information.
Animating the transition between views can enhance the user experience.
Consider making certain features supporter-only to manage resource usage.

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