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#42 – Book Cards

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Adam and Ste discuss their recent trips to South Korea and Romania, respectively. They talk about their experiences, including hiking, exploring local markets, and enjoying the cherry blossoms. They also discuss updates to the card design for lists on Hardcover, specifically focusing on adding reasons for adding books to a list. They explore different options for displaying the reasons and gather feedback from Discord users. They also discuss the possibility of auto-saving the reasons and using avatars to indicate the list creator. In this conversation, Ste and Adam discuss the design of book cards and explore different elements and features that should be included. They discuss the placement and design of prompts, reasons, and upvoting functionality. They also consider the hierarchy of information and the sorting options for book cards. The conversation ends with a plan to implement and test the different card designs.


Travel experiences can be enhanced by immersing oneself in local culture and exploring specific aspects of the destination, such as folklore and cuisine.
Involving users in the design process through platforms like Discord can lead to valuable feedback and iterative improvements.
When designing features, it’s important to consider user preferences and make the interface intuitive and easy to use.
Auto-saving can provide a seamless user experience, but clear feedback is necessary to ensure users understand that their input has been saved.
Using avatars can personalize the user experience and provide visual cues for differentiating between list creators and other users. Book cards should include prompts, reasons, and upvoting functionality
The hierarchy of information on the card should be carefully considered
Sorting options for book cards should include most recently added and most liked
Different card designs should be implemented and tested

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