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#49 – Stats (cont.)

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On today’s live, we’ll continue designing the new stats page, which features easier social sharing, better visualisations for stats, custom time frames and other things we might uncover in the process. Join this build session live with Adam and Ste at 8PM BST/1PM MT.


In this conversation, Adam and Ste discuss various topics including the challenges of balancing support and development, the importance of feeling the pain of users, and the progress on the Hardcover app. They also discuss the design updates for the currently reading page and the implementation of progress updates. They explore different options for selecting time frames for stats and consider the possibility of a sticky selector for easy access. In this conversation, Ste and Adam discuss various aspects of the stats feature for the library app. They explore options for displaying date ranges, including different formats and localization. They also discuss the possibility of a comparison mode and the challenges of implementing it. They consider different ways to navigate and select date ranges, including using a calendar icon and a side drawer. They also discuss the idea of adding settings to individual widgets and the potential for a flip animation when accessing settings. They plan to gather feedback from users on the different stats options and prioritize them accordingly.


Balancing support and development is a challenge for small teams, and finding the right balance is crucial.
Feeling the pain of users and staying connected to their needs is essential for building a successful product.
Design updates for the currently reading page include changes to the layout and the addition of progress updates.
Implementing progress updates involves considering different formats and editions of books and ensuring a smooth transition between them.
The selection of time frames for stats can be done through a sticky selector, allowing users to easily switch between different periods. Consider different date range formats and localization options for displaying stats
Explore the possibility of a comparison mode for comparing stats
Provide easy navigation and selection of date ranges, such as using a calendar icon and a side drawer
Add settings to individual widgets for customization
Gather feedback from users to prioritize and refine the stats feature

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