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#5 – Should we create an AI Librarian?

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Adam & Ste discuss the iOS app launch, subscriptions and AI art copyright.

Main focus: Discussing if we should create an AI librarian?


The conversation covers various topics related to the impact of AI on the book industry and the challenges and possibilities it presents. The chapters include discussions on the launch of an iOS app, beta testing for an Android app, copyright issues with AI-generated content, and the future of books and AI. The conversation also explores the challenges of supporting artists in the AI era and the potential of AI in personalized book recommendations. The role of publishers, the evolution of publishing, and the use of natural language processing in book recommendations are also discussed. In this conversation, the speakers discuss various aspects of AI and its potential impact on book recommendations. They explore AI’s ability to understand and interpret text, as well as the possibility of creating a native experience for book recommendations. The conversation also touches on the competition between OpenAI and Google’s AI, particularly in leveraging Google Books data. The speakers highlight the challenges with current book data systems and the complexity of categorizing and tagging books. They emphasize the importance of contextual data and personal recommendations in book discovery. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the future of AI and the opportunity to experiment with AI-generated literature.


The launch of an iOS app is a significant milestone for a startup, especially if a large percentage of users are on mobile devices.
The challenges of publishing on different app stores, such as the Google Play Store, require careful consideration and adaptation.
AI has the potential to revolutionize the book industry, but it also raises copyright and ethical concerns.
The evolving landscape of publishing and book recommendations requires innovative approaches to support authors and help readers discover new books. AI has shown promising capabilities in understanding and interpreting text, making it a valuable tool for book recommendations.
Creating a native experience for book recommendations, where users can interact with AI-generated suggestions, can enhance the user experience.
Competition between OpenAI and Google’s AI, particularly in leveraging vast amounts of book data, is expected to drive advancements in book recommendations.
The current book data systems face challenges in accurately categorizing and tagging books, highlighting the need for improvement.
Contextual data and personal recommendations play a crucial role in book discovery, as they provide a deeper understanding of a book’s content and appeal.
AI-generated literature presents an interesting area for exploration, with the potential to create new and unique stories.
While there are concerns about the negative impact of AI, there is cautious optimism about its potential to benefit society in various ways.
Experimenting with AI in the field of book recommendations offers an exciting opportunity to shape the future of book discovery and storytelling.


00:00 Introduction and Small Talk
00:46 Launch of iOS App
02:07 Beta Testing for Android App
03:14 Challenges of Publishing on Google Play Store
05:07 Impact of AI on the Book Industry
06:18 Copyright Issues with AI-generated Content
07:35 Exploring the Future of Books and AI
09:14 Discussion on Oscar Picks
10:32 AI and the Book Industry
14:19 The Advancement of AI and its Impact on Artists
16:27 The Challenges of Supporting Artists in the AI Era
20:00 New Mediums for Artistic Expression
23:37 The Evolution of Publishing and Book Recommendations
26:06 The Potential of AI in Book Recommendations
27:47 The Role of Publishers in the Changing Landscape
29:51 The Challenges of Personalized Book Recommendations
32:58 The Use of Natural Language Processing in Book Recommendations
36:27 The Potential of AI in Book Discovery
39:11 Using AI to Improve Book Recommendations
41:02 The Power of AI in Understanding Reader Preferences
44:07 The Limitations and Possibilities of AI in Book Recommendations
47:19 Using AI to Enhance Book Recommendations
48:51 The Importance of a Well-Written Pre-Script for AI Recommendations
49:22 AI’s ability to understand and interpret text
50:08 Creating a native experience for book recommendations
51:33 Competition between OpenAI and Google’s AI
52:26 The potential of leveraging Google Books data
53:49 Challenges with current book data systems
55:23 The complexity of categorizing and tagging books
56:12 The need for contextual data in book recommendations
57:11 The importance of personal recommendations
58:44 Exploring AI-generated literature
59:20 Cautious optimism about the future of AI
01:01:21 The opportunity to experiment with AI
01:02:01 Reflecting on the impact of AI in the future

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