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#6 – Ask Jules, Hardcover’s AI Bot

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Adam & Ste discuss snow, elk and AI bots.

Main focus: Ask Jules


In this conversation, Adam and Steve discuss various topics related to Hardcover. They start with weather updates and then move on to discuss recent news and updates about Hardcover. They talk about the Ask Jules experience and how it uses the OpenAI Chat API. They also discuss the possibility of making Hardcover an open-source project and using the OpenAI API for book data. They explore the idea of improving book covers and author images using AI. Finally, they discuss the challenges of handling editions and unverified data in the book database. The conversation explores various aspects of improving book data accuracy, user interaction design, and collaboration with book curators. It also discusses the benefits of open access for editing, book discovery, and showcasing. The importance of empowering users to edit book data is highlighted, along with the need for user verification and implementing smart limits. The conversation concludes with brainstorming ideas for book data and excitement for future updates.


Hardcover is constantly evolving with new updates and features.
The Ask Jules experience on Hardcover uses the OpenAI Chat API to provide book recommendations.
There are plans to make Hardcover an open-source project and leverage the community for contributions.
Using AI, Hardcover aims to improve book covers and author images.
Handling editions and unverified data in the book database is a challenge that requires user feedback and flagging. Using prompts can help improve the accuracy of information provided by the AI system.
Confidence levels can be assigned to information to indicate the system’s certainty.
Designing user interaction and workflows is crucial for a seamless user experience.
Open access for editing allows users to contribute and improve book data.
Collaboration with book curators, such as librarians and bloggers, can enhance book discovery.
Bookstores and libraries can benefit from using the platform for showcasing and creating book lists.
Empowering users to edit book data can help improve data quality and accuracy.
User verification and smart limits are important for preventing misuse and maintaining data integrity.
Flares for different user groups, such as librarians and students, can enhance user profiles.
Expanding the user base to include various user groups can enrich the platform’s community.
Brainstorming ideas for book data can lead to innovative features and improvements.
Excitement for future updates and the potential of the platform to make a positive impact.


00:00 Introduction and Weather Updates
03:23 Hardcover News and Updates
06:26 Ask Jules Experience
16:10 Open Source Project and Book Data
26:43 Improving Book Covers and Author Images
37:40 Using OpenAI API for Book Data
46:06 Handling Editions and Unverified Data
50:32 Improving Accuracy with Prompts
51:02 Confidence Levels in Information
51:55 Designing User Interaction
52:53 Open Access for Editing
53:41 Collaboration with Book Curators
54:11 Benefits for Bookstores and Libraries
55:11 Book Discovery and Showcasing
56:11 Empowering Users to Edit Book Data
57:07 Ensuring User Verification
57:40 Implementing Smart Limits
58:42 Flares for Different User Groups
59:51 Expanding User Base
01:00:08 Brainstorming Ideas for Book Data
01:00:23 Excitement for Future Updates

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