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#7 – The New Book Page

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Adam & Ste chat about Be Real, Silicon Valley Bank, improving book covers and

The main focus of this week is exploring designs for the new book page.


In this conversation, Adam and Ste discuss their experiences with V-Real and the benefits it brings. They also talk about the recent issues with Silicon Valley Bank and its impact on startups. The conversation then shifts to improving book data and covers, including using Inventaire for book covers and merging duplicate books. They also discuss the design of the book page, including adding a gradient background, book description, series information, and book ratings. They explore the possibility of adding book additions and editions, and consider moving the tabs to the top for better navigation. The conversation focuses on improving the book page navigation and enhancing the social network aspect of the app. They discuss organizing tabs, adding a friends network, and enhancing the book info section. The conversation concludes with finalizing the design of the new book page.


V-Real is a fun and engaging platform that allows users to connect with friends and share their day-to-day experiences.
The recent issues with Silicon Valley Bank highlight the importance of financial stability for startups and the potential impact on their operations.
Improving book data and covers is an ongoing process that requires leveraging different sources and technologies.
Designing the book page involves considering various elements such as book description, series information, ratings, and editions, while ensuring a user-friendly and visually appealing layout. Improving navigation and usability is crucial for a better user experience.
Organizing tabs based on priority and usefulness can make it easier to switch between different sections.
Adding a friends network feature can enhance the social aspect of the app and provide a sense of community.
Showing friends’ ratings and reviews can help users discover books and get recommendations from people they trust.


00:00 Introduction and V-Real
01:02 The Benefits of V-Real
02:05 Silicon Valley Bank and Crypto
04:03 Book Data and Covers
05:45 Improving Book Covers
08:28 Using Inventaire for Book Covers
09:13 Merging Duplicate Books
10:12 Improving Book Pages
11:30 Preparing for Discussions
12:17 Designing the Book Page
20:31 Adding Gradient Background
25:45 Adding Book Description
27:26 Adding Series Information
29:24 Adding Book Ratings
33:07 Adding Book Additions
37:23 Adding Book Editions
43:37 Moving Tabs to the Top
44:13 Improving Navigation
45:53 Organizing Tabs
47:43 Adding Friends Network
51:15 Enhancing Book Info
54:40 Social Network Aspect
58:20 Showing Friends’ Ratings
01:00:21 Finalizing the New Book Page

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