Hardcover Income & Expenses

Hardcover is an open book. We think one of the best ways to grow a community-driven social network is transparency. Transparency about what we’re spending, where our money is coming from, and how your data and information are being used.

I also love seeing that the sites I’m supporting are being run by real people working together and doing their best to make things better. I hope that this comes across in our sharing of our income and expenses.

Hardcover is completely funded by those working on it and our Supporters. Upgrading from a free account to a Supporter is the absolute best way to help Hardcover accomplish everything we’ve set out to do.

2024 Income and Expenses

January 2024-$1,420$658-$762
February 2024-$2,028$588-$1,440
March 2024-$1,306$311-$995
April 2024-$1,524$325-$1,176
May 2024-$1,160$1,197$36

2023 Income and Expenses

January 2023-$2,227$120-$2,107
February 2023-$1,762$91-$1,671
March 2023-$878$273-$605
April 2023-$1,317$86-$1,231
May 2023-$844$86-$758
June 2023-$614$88-$526
July 2023-$739$73-$666
August 2023-$970$235-$735
September 2023-$1,726$353-$1,373
October 2023-$1,264$429-$835
November 2023-$1,309$216-$1,093
December 2023-$1,017$520-$497

2022 Income and Expenses

January 2022-$851.63$5.72-$845.91
February 2022-$1,367.91$5.72-$1,362.19
March 2022-$578.70$5.72-$572.98
April 2022-$1,347.99$5.72-$1,342.27
May 2022-$920.58$5.92-$914.60
June 2022-$1,778$22-$1,800
July 2022-$723$43-$680
August 2022-$779$23-$756
September 2022-$669$74-$595
October 2022-$640$27-$613
November 2022-$1,299$27-$1,272
December 2022-$738$36-$702

2021 Income and Expenses

May 2021$96.63$0-$96.63
June 2021$250.07$0-$250.07
July 2021$565.45$0-$565.45
August 2021$493.61$0-$493.61
September 2021$380.15$0-$380.15
October 2021$602.15$0-$602.15
November 2021$858.74$5.72-$853.02
December 2021$1,055.76$5.72-$1,050.04

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