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By Adam Fortuna

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Hardcover is an open book. We think one of the best ways to grow a community-driven social network is transparency. Transparency about what we’re spending, where our money is coming from, and how your data and information are being used.

I also love seeing that the sites I’m supporting are being run by real people working together and doing their best to make things better. I hope that this comes across in our sharing of our income and expenses.

Hardcover is completely funded by those working on it and our Patreon supporters. Supporting us on Patreon is the absolute best way to help Hardcover accomplish everything we’ve set out to do.

2022 Income and Expenses

January 2022$851.63$5.72-$845.91
February 2022$1,367.91$5.72-$1,362.19
March 2022$578.70$5.72-$572.98

2021 Income and Expenses

May 2021$96.63$0-$96.63
June 2021$250.07$0-$250.07
July 2021$565.45$0-$565.45
August 2021$493.61$0-$493.61
September 2021$380.15$0-$380.15
October 2021$602.15$0-$602.15
November 2021$858.74$5.72-$853.02
December 2021$1,055.76$5.72-$1,050.04

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